New Campaign Promotes Awareness About Cliffs

The Sussex region of England is known for its picturesque beauty. Its beautiful, white cliffs attract droves of people. This summer, people are expected to come in large groups to visit the cliffs and to see spectacular views of the seas.

This popular and scenic destination has incredible beauty and natural wonder, but it also carries a high risk. The falls from the cliffs are steep and can be life-threatening. Many people have already fallen from the cliffs while taking selfies or posing for photographs.

This danger has led authorities in Sussex to launch a new social media campaign called #BeCliffAware. The cliffs in places such as Sussex are easy to fall off from. Some crags in the area are unstable because they are eroding. This means that they could literally topple beneath you suddenly.

The #BeCliffAware urges people not to get to the very edge of the cliffs. People should remain a safe distance away from the edge. It is not worth risking your life to get a perfect selfie, photograph or landscape photo. Several incidents involving cliff falls is what has lead to the #BeCliffAware in the Sussex area of England.

People are encouraged to walk the trails and visit the cliffs. They must respect nature and the danger of the cliffs, however. Children should be closely monitored. People must also realize that playing by the edge has had deadly consequences. This is why people need to follow the #BeCliffAware campaign. Besides social media, visitors are also being warned by signs throughout Sussex.

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