New Social Media Campaign Targets European Tourists

The Israeli Tourism Ministry launched an ambitious two-week long social media campaign aimed at European travelers visiting Israel. The campaign began on the 8th of March and concluded on the 22nd of March. It targeted people based in five European countries. They included Poland, Spain, Finland, Sweden, and Germany.

The name of this new social media campaign is called #PopUpOasis. Its goal is to help bring in more European tourists to Israel’s Negev region. This is a primarily desert region located in the southern tip of the country.

This campaign is unique for several reasons. First, it is both an outreach campaign, a competition and a promotional giveaway at the same time. The #PopUpOasis campaign will have one winner from each of the five targeted countries. Each winner will have airfare and accommodations covered for four days and three nights. Also included is one day of “Glamping.” This is a more luxurious form of camping.

The “Glamping” experience will take place in the Ramon Crater. Other activities that winners will experience include hiking, biking, rappelling, and visits to nearby villages and parks. There will also be gourmet meals and various other leisure and sports activities provided.

The #PopUpOasis campaign works in the following way. Contestants are asked to comment on a post made by the Israeli Tourism Ministry. They then have to share that post and describe why they should be selected as a winner to travel to Israel. Currently, the Negev area of Israel receives only about 5% of Israel’s total tourists. The campaign hopes to spur more people to explore this relatively unknown region of the country.

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