Neurocore Understands The Unique And Astounding Capacity Of The Brain

The brain has an astounding ability to shut out influences and settle into a less reactive and comfortable place. This ensures performance at the optimal level. Muscle memory is gained by the practice or repetition of certain motor tasks such as shooting a basketball into the hoop. These memories are never forgotten because they are embedded into the subconscious. The ritual used by numerous athletes enables the brain to relax so muscle memory is engaged. This is a magical place of skills well practiced. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

This state theoretically guarantees success. The Portland Trail Blazers were experiencing bad breaks and losing streaks a few years ago. The coaches and players realized the problem was a loss of focus. A brain room at the training facility in Oregon became part of their training. Part of the recovery process involves visiting this room regularly and after the games. The process blames stress for bad performances. When stress is not relieved it impacts mental and physical health. The right state of mind also involves restorative and essential sleep. Read more about Neurocore at

Dr. Tim Royer serves the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers as the founder and a neuropsychologist. He believes sleep is the most important aspect of recovery. This includes getting into the correct zone and locating the sweet spot for the frequencies to recover and rest. This is referred to as winding down. If the mind is not at rest the result is disruptive sleep. When the brain is optimized, the endocrine, respiratory and cardiovascular systems function at peak levels and protect the body from mental and physical stress.

This process is an updated version of biofeedback techniques. In the brain room at Neurocore the individual relaxes in a comfortable chair. They wear headphones and watch a film they chose in front of a video screen. The brain waves are monitored with small electrodes. This controls the playback. The individual simply remains calm and focused while breathing and becoming involved in the movie. If the mind of the trainee drifts the DVD player is signaled to stop by distinct electrical impulses. The brain will refocus to ensure the movie restarts.


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