Look Out Facebook, Here Comes Reddit

Everyone has their favorite website. It’s the first thing they typically log into when they fire up their computer or browse on their phone. For the longest time, Facebook has been number one for many people. That’s because people love to boast about their own lives, share pictures, and read about others. Facebook has always been a source of news as well. It seems that times are changing, however, and Facebook might be slipping. Are as many people using them as their main choice of social media? The answer might be no. Ever since recent scandals and data breaches, Facebook has seen their users slipping.


According to a thread on Reddit, Facebook has been bumped out of the number three spot as the most popular websites in the United States. They’ve lost their spot to Reddit. The top two spots are still Google and Youtube which make sense. People need to get their information from someplace and they need access to videos. Facebook was the top social media website until Reddit came along.


Reddit is considered a form of social media but it’s vastly different from Facebook. Instead of friends connecting, it’s strangers forming friendships. People come together on a thread to talk about a shared interest. Many times, friendship does come from these. They tackle tough topics, they laugh together, and they share their deep thoughts. Reddit, is different, however, in the sense that people can remain anonymous. You never really know for sure who you’re talking on a thread with. It will be interesting to see if Facebook will undergo some changes and revamping to get back that number three spot of most used websites.

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