Popular Types of Social Media Campaigns

People often want to come up with a social media campaign that is going to make waves. In order to manage this, they have to know the types of campaigns that are going to gain popularity. What follows is some of the popular types of social media campaigns.


One type of social media campaign that is popular is one that deals with a sensitive issue. For instance, social media campaigns that deal with oppression and injustice are among the most popular of the social media platforms. Campaigns that deal with problems in society are going to get people to jump on. For one thing, they are going to feel something in their conscience that compels them to get on the campaign.


Another type of campaign is a very comedic video. This can come in the form of something that has not been seen before. There are videos that are amusing, adorable or just outright weird that gets the attention of users. One of the reasons that this is so effective is that it gets people talking about the video.


Among the common themes of campaigns on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter is that it gets people involved in different ways. For instance, a movie studio could get people involved in acting out a scene from the movie that is being promoted like what was done with Black Panther.


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