Different Forms of Social Media and How They Can be Used

Social media is such an interesting invention. One of the most interesting aspects of social media is that there are so many vastly different types of social media. When one breaks it down, social media is the type of platform where people can engage in discussions. Therefore, even forums can be considered social media. One of the best things for people to look at when it comes to social media and how they can each be used.


One of the most common types of social media platforms is the text based platform. This is where people engage in conversations through text. However, users can also add video and images to the discussion to make their point.


Another type is the video based platform. This is where sites like YouTube come in. While people typically go to these types of sites to watch videos, there is also discussion on the topic that is presented in the video.


Another type of social media platform that is considered to be a social media platform is the dating sites. Even though people go to dating sites for the sole purpose of finding a date, it can be considered social media in that people do interact with one another online. For instance, Bumble has been created as a social network for women with extensions created for specific types of people to interact with one another.

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