Instagram Offers Tips To Boost Small Businesses

Social media has become far more than a means to connect with friends. The various mega-popular platforms have become an effective way to share information and build online markets with promoting and advertising options like never before. The two most popular media networks are Facebook and Instagram. Both sites provide users with the opportunity to reach literally millions of people. Recently Instagram used its status in a most advantageous way when it posted a list of detailed, helpful tips to give small business owners some tried and true ideas for growing their business ( Many people look to social media for pointers and advice for creating successful businesses since literally millions of people utilize the sites to share their input, professionals and consumers alike. Instagram shared the following tips that will benefit any small business:

1. Get Other Businesses On Board
Look for other local small businesses that could also benefit from social media promotions and start sharing and cross-promoting with that business. Both of you – as well as your prospective clients – can benefit greatly from sharing information and promoting one another.

2. Get Everyone Involved
Social media platforms mean your page can have hundreds or even thousands of followers. Create polls and ask questions to get feedback from people who have an interest in your product or service. Social media puts your target audience and their input right at your fingertips.

3. Be On The Lookout For Opportunities
Plan your advertising strategies for holidays, events, seasonal activities, etc, and be the first to offer special deals in time for them. By planning ahead and putting your business in the spotlight at the most opportune times, you will make money and get exposure.

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