Kim Kardashian Speaks About Her Sister’s Boyfriends Infidelity

People have been buzzing on social media for a few weeks now about Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend. The couple recently welcomed a baby girl named True, but not before Thompson was caught on video cheating on Khloe with multiple women.

Kim Kardashian recently appeared on the Ellen show this week, and stated that she felt bad for her sister. She shares that the situation is “messed up” and says that she doesn’t want to say anything too disparaging about Thompson, since her niece True will grow up and see the interview one day. Kim also praised Khloe on Twitter, sharing that she can’t wait for her daughters and niece to grow up and have the same close relationship that she and Khloe have. True is Kim’s second niece this year, since her younger sister Kylie also had a baby girl named Stormy a few months ago.

Kim also talked about her husband Kanye West’s return to Twitter and the troubling tweets and comments he’s been making lately. Kanye has asserted that while he doesn’t agree with everything Donald Trump does, he respects his rights. This has put him at odds with many of his long-time friends, including singer John Legend. Kim shares that she was not initially aware that West had gotten back on Twitter until he asked if she liked his tweets. She also states that media outlets are trying to frame her husband by alleging that he has a mental health issue.

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