YouTube Weighs in On The Issue of Firearms

In a recent update to its policies, YouTube has changed how it handles content that involves firearms. These restrictions augment the existing list of accessories that are forbidden from videos that seeks to sell those accessories or inform viewers about the manufacture or installation process.

Under these new guideliness, accessories cannot directly feature in video content engineered to directly sell firearms or firearm accessories nor link to sites that vend such items, such as anything that allows a firearm to serve as a functionally automatic weapon. Examples of these sorts of accessories include bump stocks, gatling triggers and conversion kits. Furthermore, videos cannot provide instructions on how someone could convert a firearm to an actual or simulated automatic weapon nor manufacture ammunition, firearms, silencers, suppressors or any of the accessories mentioned earlier in this article. Finally, videos are forbidden from showing how to install such accessories.

While YouTube already established a ban on videos that directly link to stores featuring firearms and bump stocks, it had previously updated its firearms policy in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre in October of last year. That update banned tutorials on the process of adding a bump stock to a firearm.

Analysts point out that some content creators have already felt the pinch of this newest policy revision. The Florida-based YouTube channel “Spike’s Tactical” was recently suspended for providing content that was deemed to encourage violent and dangerous acts that placed an inherent risk of harm upon others or imperiled people’s lives.

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