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China In The Midst Of Testing A Social Credit System

China is filled with many levels of intrigue, and with a population that dwarfs many other countries in the world, one couldn’t blame them for trying new methods to keep everyone accountable. Though perhaps as of recently, the regime may have gone a bit too far, and that’s saying a lot.

Back in 2014, the state decided to begin testing a “Social Credit” system, with plans to fully implement it as early as 2020. The premise is simple, depending on your social behaviors, your score can go up or down similar to a financial credit score. Where things start to get a little strange is the fact that your credit score can prevent you from enjoying things many of us take for granted and that a typical credit score wouldn’t typically effect.

For example, some people with low scores have been blocked from buying tickets to fly domestically, while others are barred from purchasing first-class tickets. For some who refuse to carry out military service; they’re unable to seek higher education for themselves and in many cases their children as well. This social infraction could also bar you from some of the best hotels. In instances where you have a high social score, you may not be required to put down a deposit for one of these hotels.

All in all, very little is known about how these social scores are calculated beyond under why circumstances one’s rating could be affected. Such as, by smoking in a non-smoking area. I’d say, this is one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard, and hope the idea is scrapped in the long-term for the sake of some who are just having a bad day or an unlucky one.

Is It Time For Mark Zuckerberg To Resign?

There’s something almost prophetic about a Founder and the company he started. It’s often time impossible to think that a Founder could not do a good job in leading the company they started. Take for example Steve Jobs and Apple, when he returned in the late 90s he resurrected the company he started which was going nowhere fast after his departure. Then you turn your eyes to Facebook, and you consider many would have preferred to see Zuckerberg step down over a decade ago from internal and external mishaps that some could argue as lessons learned. Though, more recently, could the time be right for him to pass on the reigns of his multi-billion dollar enterprise with billions of users?

I think it’s a fair question to ask with the scandal storm swirling around Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Promises to implement new measures to further safeguard user data and trust that should have been a concern from day one. No, it seems, because they’ve been caught off guard, the company and its Founder-CEO-Chairman is scrambling to remedy the situation.

Facebook needs to do more. If more means redistributing power within the higher ranks of the firm, that could be the right move. Under Zuckerberg, Facebook has become a powerhouse of social media, but to what extent have they allowed their morals to slip to get there. These are questions some are revisiting, and it might be the time all parties involved should too. The only problem, perhaps Zuckerberg has too much power, which can be a very bad thing.

How Graphics Can Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

If you are running social media campaigns, you know how important graphics can be. Graphics are exactly what grab people’s attention on social media networks. The fact is that graphics are visual in nature, and people are visual in nature too. When choosing your graphics, make sure that they are of the right size. If they are not, then it may appear funny or weird when you post them on social media. In addition, a good tip to remember is to use graphics of people whenever possible. The reason for this is that graphics of people are more appealing and grab people’s attention more easily than graphics of objects.

A good tip to remember is to narrow your target audience, especially when you are using paid ads. The reason for this is that although you will be targeting fewer people, and perhaps because of it, you will be getting a higher engagement rate. A higher engagement rate means that you will be paying less for each action, such as a click or whatever else you are paying for. At the end of the day, you will have a better ROI.

You also need to remember to use hashtags. Hashtags should be part of every social media campaign. You should not just use regular hashtags. You should create special hashtags that are specific to your campaign. This will boost engagement rates and will make your campaign go viral in just a short time.

The Rise of Social Media Campaigns for Startup Businesses

Startup business owners have a lot of different opportunities to promote their businesses for free. This is what is obviously beneficial to those that are utilizing social media campaigns.

There definitely is a great amount of growth in the social media arena, and this allows more people to connect with customers that would be unreachable. This spreads the word about good products or services. If your customers like what you do they are not going to have a problem recommending you to their friends. This is why it is easier to connect with a crowd of people that are actually interested in your products.

Many businesses that are starting up may waste lots of time trying to market through television. They may be using a website and hosting a website that no one is actually viewing.

It is going to make sense to take advantage of the free resources before engaging in web hosting. Some startups that have businesses do not even have a webpage because they have set up their Facebook account and utilized other resources like Instagram and Twitter for social media campaigns.

The cost of getting the word out about the business is often one of the most expensive operating costs. If this can be minimized it gives you a great chance to earn a higher return on investment if you are a start up business owner.

The best startups are the ones that find ways to cut costs. The survival rate for these startups is much better.

GoBuyside Is The Recruitment Platform Of The Future

Arjun Kapur founded GoBuyside in 2011. He entered the field of high finance once he acquired his Masters in Business Administration for Stanford. He picked up on the trend regarding the increase in competition and shorter hiring cycle in the industry. The employers and applicants were struggling with the current process. Arjun Kapur decided he would create an avenue to fulfil the human capital required for the finance industry. The result was GoBuyside.

GoBuyside completely reinvented the traditional process used for hiring with a technology enabled platform. The network was created for financial professionals and connected the top talent with employers located all over the world. The search parameters used by GoBuyside enabled professionals to be located and then screened to fill the open positions for their clients. Since the platform was established in 2011 there has been significant growth in the cities and firms represented. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

The process offered by GoBuyside has been extremely successful for both employers and applicants due to the transparency. The platform provides compensation reviews and notifications for available career opportunities. The team at GoBuyside is one of the hardest working in history. Their vetting process is vigorous, only the candidates with top qualifications are selected and the clients are only offered the absolute best. Arjun Kapur has created a knowledgeable team of professional with their level of experience raising them above any of the other recruiting businesses.

Arjun Kapur employs a unique strategy for business growth and feels the primary goal of all businesses should be exceptional client services. The field offers countless options for purchasing goods and services. This mean to attain success the business must place the needs of their clients at the top of their list. The service can just as easily be the reason the business fails as it can ensure success. A partnership with clients can easily lead to the fulfillment of goals and result in capturing a business. This platform represents a centric approach that has changed the way the financial sector handles human capital. Visit to know more.

Arjun Kapur implements his ideas by focusing on the potential opportunities. He carefully considers and researches all opportunities to decide if it is a workable service or product. He examines the sales and development to ensure an excellent execution process is possible. He learns from potential customers and only invests in an idea if it makes sense. He is passionate about artificial intelligence and believes the technology will continue to gain in momentum and opportunities with more research and development.

Artificial intelligence has already impacted his field due to the published information available on the internet and the ability to create a complete and accurate view of the applicants. This has enabled much better matches to be created between the employers and the applicants. GoBuyside provides applicants who are able to fill the positions of different organizations and environments with knowledge and experience. Arjun Kapur is already planning to have GoBuyside be the leader in artificial intelligence technology in the future.

GoBuyside is already starting to take the position of being the recruitment platform for a multitude of businesses on the globe. GoBuyside remains on the cutting edge of their sector.


Facebook Stock is Dropping Like a Stone

The troubles at Facebook don’t seem to be letting up. After news broke about the social media giant’s failure to protect customer data, Facebook’s market value has fallen by $60 billion in the last two days. For reference, electric automaker Tesla’s entire market value is $52 billion.

This is the worst drop in Facebook since the early days following its IPO in 2012.

According to Bloomberg, the social media company has been sued by investors seeking to gain information on why social data was used and manipulated by Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based data firm employed by the campaign to elect Donald Trump in 2016.

Lawyers for Facebook deny the claims of the lawsuit, insisting no data was obtained in an illegal manner. The data in question was acquired by means of a quiz, voluntarily taken by Facebook users during the 2016 election cycle. The lawsuit contends Cambridge Analytica harvested more data than the quiz contained.

Legal troubles for Facebook aren’t limited to the United States. Last week, the European Union Justice Commission declared their desire to question Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the potential misuse of user data.

These new concerns only add to ongoing demands that Facebook be more transparent about user privacy. As lawsuits pile up and the #DeleteFacebook campaign drags on, there’s little doubt the road for Facebook will continue to be rocky for the foreseeable future.

India’s IT Minister Warns Mark Zuckerberg about Using Facebook to Influence Elections

Several popular news outlets, including the New York Times, have reported that Facebook worked with Cambridge Analytica to influence voters in the United States to elect Donald Trump. Cambridge Analytica allegedly harvested the personal information of over 50 million Facebook members in order to achieve this political goal. Sources claim that Facebook allowed this private information to be collected and analyzed without member knowledge or consent.

India will be holding national elections in 2019 and there is concern among the current administration that Facebook could use member data to influence the outcome of the election. India’s IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, made an open statement to Mark Zuckerberg via media reporters in New Delhi on Wednesday, March 21. Prasad stated that he would not tolerate data theft of Indian citizens by Facebook, and that he was prepared to summon Zuckerberg if needed.

The United Kingdom’s House of Parliament has already summoned Zuckerberg to explain the data breach by Cambridge Analytica, a British company, to influence the U.S. 2016 election. The company harvested the data of 50 million Facebook members using personality tests. The UK government is concerned that companies can misuse data in inappropriate ways, in order to swing elections.

The United States government is also putting pressure on Zuckerberg to testify before the U.S. Senate regarding the inappropriate data collection methods. India government is taking a proactive approach by warning Zuckerberg not to interfere with its upcoming election.

YouTube Weighs in On The Issue of Firearms

In a recent update to its policies, YouTube has changed how it handles content that involves firearms. These restrictions augment the existing list of accessories that are forbidden from videos that seeks to sell those accessories or inform viewers about the manufacture or installation process.

Under these new guideliness, accessories cannot directly feature in video content engineered to directly sell firearms or firearm accessories nor link to sites that vend such items, such as anything that allows a firearm to serve as a functionally automatic weapon. Examples of these sorts of accessories include bump stocks, gatling triggers and conversion kits. Furthermore, videos cannot provide instructions on how someone could convert a firearm to an actual or simulated automatic weapon nor manufacture ammunition, firearms, silencers, suppressors or any of the accessories mentioned earlier in this article. Finally, videos are forbidden from showing how to install such accessories.

While YouTube already established a ban on videos that directly link to stores featuring firearms and bump stocks, it had previously updated its firearms policy in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre in October of last year. That update banned tutorials on the process of adding a bump stock to a firearm.

Analysts point out that some content creators have already felt the pinch of this newest policy revision. The Florida-based YouTube channel “Spike’s Tactical” was recently suspended for providing content that was deemed to encourage violent and dangerous acts that placed an inherent risk of harm upon others or imperiled people’s lives.

Being a Social Media Butterfly

The internet has become an online version of the outside world. This is especially the case with social media. One thing that can be said about social media is that it is one o the most used mediums on the internet. People have gotten themselves involved with Facebook and Twitter as well as some of the other platforms. The interesting thing about social media is that just like with the outside world, people have different approaches to social media. While some people are content with connecting with a few people, there are those who are social media butterflies.

One thing that can influence whether or not someone is a social media butterfly is what he is passionate about. If he is using social media to express his opinions on his passionate topics, then he is going to be more likely to reach people. However, people who are going to reach people are going to have to spend a lot of time reaching out to people and even making sure that he is connecting with people which include responding to people. It is also important to not get involved with drama in order to be one of the most attractive social media users.

Another thing that can help with social media is if he uses the right type of social media platform. This includes having a good reputation.

The Facts About Going Viral

People who are hoping to go viral need to know the facts about going viral on social media. The real facts will have people rethinking about the idea of going viral. Fortunately, there are charts that show the facts about going viral. These facts include the type of content that goes viral and the type of people they come from. This is not meant to discourage people from trying to go viral but to give a better perspective on what it would take.

One of the most important facts about going viral is that many of the viral posts come from famous people. Therefore, there are already tons of followers that will repost with others. Another thing is that posts are not going to just start going viral from where they originated in most cases. Posts that go viral have been viewed on television or other mediums. That said, if one wants to go viral on social media, then he is going to have to provide content that is just enough to get people retweeting and reposting.

Fortunately, people that want to go viral but are not famous can become famous by being involved in conversations and other activities. It is very easy to gain followers. The best thing to do is communicate with the followers. If followers are not maintained, then one can lose some of them.

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