Russia Has Mastered The Social Media Landscape For Creating Discord In America

Have you noticed there is a lot more anger and political attacks in America as of late? Doesn’t it seem like we all just cannot get along? This may be due in part to attacks by Russia using our own social media websites against us. Yes, it sounds a little like the plot of a conspiracy movie, but the fact is that this is actually the reality we are all living at this point in time.

Russia has mastered the ways in which to alter conversations in America. They had attempted to do so in the past, but their capabilities were not as strong at that time. They did not have the power of social media at their disposal. Now they do, and the results are nothing short of terrifying.

The ability for Russian agents to log into Facebook or Twitter or any number of other social media websites and create a campaign that distracts the American people so completely as to make all constructive conversations on a topic null and void is incredible.

The Los Angeles Times points out that the Russians have attempted to do things like this in the past, but when they did so, they were using techniques that were simply not up to par for the modern age. They would use tactics such as paying money to authors to put out books that claimed that the FBI and CIA had programmed Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate President Kennedy. While interesting, we now know that they use much more sophisticated tactics in their strategy.

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