Online Casino Uses Ozzy Osborne In Social Media Campaign

Metal Casino is a place that targets hard core rockers to come and play their games. They are the only casino in the world to have a specific focus on this group of people. However, it seems to be paying off for them at least to some extent at this point in time.

The latest social media campaign by the company has used metal legend Ozzy Osbourne in their marketing efforts.

The casino has only been around since August of 2017, but that has not stopped them from becoming a big leader in what they do. They are planning on turning up their marketing efforts in a lot of ways starting later in February as well. Doing this will allow them to hopefully get more visibility for what they are attempting to do with their company.

Metal Casino is taking this all very seriously. Just last month they actually traveled out to California to record some personalized material with Ozzy Osborne. Doing so gave them the chance to get a feel for what the legend is really like up close and personal. They were not disappointed in what they found. They were all the more excited to be working with such a talented and interesting individual.

In the coming days and months, the casino is expected to have an increasingly easy to see campaign on Facebook and Instagram. They are hoping to pick up new fans and followers via those sites. As the word gets out, it is more and more likely that many more people will start playing at Metal Casino for themselves.

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