Facebook Uses Friend Day to Connect with Users

A great social media campaign is one that emotionally connects a brand to its audience. Facebook is accomplishing this on their own platform by consistently reminding users of their mission to build a community and create close connections. They have implemented many social media campaigns to remind users of this mission, the most notable being the regular “Friendiversary” videos they make to remind users of the friendships they have built on Facebook. Most recently, in honor of their annual Friends Day, Facebook launched a new feature that celebrates the uniqueness of users’ friendships. This campaign creates a video of awards given to users’ friends based on their history and activity on the site. The titles vary from automatically generated ones, such as the photo op friend, to customizable superlatives. In addition to the awards, Facebook released a video series titled “A Friend Story” that follows 6 groups of friends and showcases the true value of their friendship. With over 44 million awards shared within the first day this campaign has been a success. This success lies in the campaigns ability to remind users about the friendships they care about most and why. It is by using a combination of video and interactive features that Facebook is able to emotionally connect with its users and show them the value the platform adds to their everyday lives.

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