Want to Have a Great Social Media Presence? Create a Great Catch Phrase for Your Business

Having a strong media presence is important for any small business. If you want to boost your business’ social media presence, consider creating an ad campaign that makes people talk. Many companies use small catch phrases to get people talking about the company on social media, in conversation, and in the news.
Bud Light recently released a “Dilly Dilly” campaign that has taken off like a firestorm. The term “Dilly Dilly” has flooded social media and can now be found on t-shirts and even bumper stickers. The beauty of this campaign is that the term “Dilly Dilly” has no specific meaning. It is a term that each person gets to use in any way that they see fit.
You need to know your audience when you make a campaign that you want to take off on social media. Bud Light knows their target audience well enough to know that “Dilly Dilly” would be wildly popular with their consumers, despite poor research testing. Before releasing marketing campaigns, a small group of consumers is tested with the campaign to determine if it is easy to understand and popular. The “Dilly Dilly” campaign did not test well in the research testing. Taking a chance and using the campaign despite poor testing turned out to be one of the best decisions Bud Light could have made. It has been wildly successful and is expected to boost sales.

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