Facebook Kingdom Collapsing

The numbers are in for the final quarter of ’17, and signs point to the fall of the Facebook Empire. While their numbers are still quite high, reports show a loss of 1 million daily average users. That’s equivalent to Dallas or country of Cyprus deciding not to use Facebook.

Reasons for fleeing Facebook

1. Social media plethora – In the beginning, Facebook was the simplified answer for those struggling to manage their page on MySpace. The market was new, and the potential for growth was huge. Now, the social media market is filled with over forty social media platforms worldwide, including mainstream ones like Instagram and Twitter and niche ones like Fetlife and Untappd.

2. Too much advertising – The platform started as a way for people to connect and share life. Now, it’s another webpage filled with ads trying to sell you the latest thing.

3. Incredibly invasive – Facebook openly tracks activity on its platform and secretly across the net. Their artificial intelligence algorithms use this information to figure out which ads to place in user feeds. This is to provide a more personalized experience. However, this kind of information tracking has the potential for more than just identity theft.

4. Addictive Drug-
Rodger McNamee, an early investor, has come forward with others to take measures against social media. They are pushing for research on the addictive effects on the brain. Mr. McNamee is quoted in the Washington Post. “Facebook appeals to your lizard brain — primarily fear and anger, and with smartphones, they’ve got you for every waking moment.”

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