Twitter to Introduce a New Feature That Gives it More a Resemblance to Forums.

Twitter has announced that it is going to introduce a feature that allows customers to make more use of what they have come to call a tweetstorm. This allows people to bypass the character limit. This feature is called “Threads”. This is reminiscent of forums. This allows people to more easily participate in discussions on their Twitter profile. This also allows people to share longer thoughts. This means less frustrating moments where one is trying to figure out how to get his idea across in one post. This also saves the users from having to make multiple posts and have to race before someone replies to their incomplete thought.

One of the aspects of Twitter that make it so popular is that it has a very simple and straight forward interface. This enables people to type a message without having to go through too many complicated steps. When they search a topic into the search bar, then all they have to do is find a statement that they feel they can relate to and comment on that. As they engage the community, they gain followers.

Twitter is one of the easiest social media platforms to use. The developers are also doing everything they can to bring forth some really good innovations to users so that hey can enjoy their community more while they reach their goals of Twitter success.

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