Trends to Keep Up With for Your Social Media Campaigns

If you are running social media campaigns, you need to keep up with the latest trends. Here are some of the latest trends which you should keep up with in the coming year of 2018. The first trend is the use of video on social media. Videos are becoming more and more commonplace in people’s lives. People are even chatting with each other through video chat. Instead of just uploading pictures and posting links to blog posts, you should also upload videos to social media. You can also stream videos on Facebook Live and Periscope.

Another trend is influencer marketing. Many young people trust influencers on social media. By having an influencer give a shout out to your company, you can influence the purchasing decision of many of their followers. Using influencers on Instagram and YouTube is a great marketing strategy.

As for Twitter, other platforms are surpassing it. When it comes to marketing, Twitter is not as powerful as Facebook and YouTube. Messenger apps are becoming more and more popular with young people. Apps like Snapchat, Kik, and Facebook Messenger are good platforms to do your marketing on. You can create automated Facebook messenger chat bots to interact with new subscribers and leads.

Another trend is that businesses are focusing on Generation Z. Generation Z is slightly older than the millennial generation. Millennials who are teenagers do not have the same purchasing power as Generation Z, which is 22 years old at the highest.

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