How The Internet Changed Media

Media has gone through a lot of changes in the recent ages. A lot of changes have come because of the internet. Before the internet has taken off and become mainstream, media has consisted of television, magazines, newspapers and in some cases, phone books. The only control people had over television was that they can change the channel. If they wanted to bring in content that is viewed by an audience, then they would have to go through many different channels. Even then, that did not guarantee that they would get their work out in the open.

All of this would change when the internet takes off and becomes a viable platform for different types of media. With video capabilities, television has slowly moved online. However, there is one reason why companies like Facebook, Twitter and Netflix are the future of television. This one reason is accessibility and interactivity. People can more easily get their videos out to the public with the use of sites like YouTube. As a matter of fact, many people have become famous because of YouTube. After all, many more people have dreams of fame and fortune than are able to achieve it. Facebook and Netflix allows people a better chance than before to achieve those dreams. This is one of the reasons that internet based companies are thriving and cable service providers are in a panic.

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