Tips for Knowing If Your Social Media Campaigns Are Succeeding

If you are running social media campaigns, the most important thing to know is whether or not your social media campaigns are working. First of all, according to Forbes, you need to define what working means. Every brand has different social media goals. Your goal may be to get more followers. It may also be to get more traffic or revenue. Perhaps your goal is simply to increase your brand visibility. You have to realize that just having more followers or more impressions, or even more traffic, does not mean that you will be having success. Your followers may not be engaged with you, and the traffic means nothing if it does not lead to an increase in revenue. A thousand visitors that do not buy anything still equals zero dollars.

There are other metrics that you can look at to determine if you are succeeding on social media. You should look at things like your conversion rates and what your visitors are doing on your website after they click on a social media link. You can use Google Analytics to set up goals and track your conversions. You should analyze your growth rates. Instead of looking at how many followers you have, you should be looking at what your followers are doing and how much they are engaging with you. If your followers are visiting your site and bouncing off after a minute or two, then maybe you need to start targeting a different audience.

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