YouTube Can Be A Great Replacement for TV

YouTube has turned out to be TV for the internet. What has started as a platform for video sharing has become a platform for advertising, marketing and plenty of other activities. It has become so successful that brands have been advertising their products in front of videos. However, there has been a freeze from some of the brands because their ads have appeared in front of questionable content. YouTube has decided to update their policy so that they will be able to keep their brands. Among the updates is the refusal to show ads in front of mature content. Therefore, people who want to monetize their content have to keep it family friendly.

However, it is not just the videos that YouTube has to look out for. It is also some of the comments that are made on the videos that YouTube has to monitor in order to keep brands advertising on the site. Users have been leaving some rather unsavory content on videos that do not call for them. Therefore, YouTube has looked through the content and the accounts that have been leaving these posts. The ones they have found to be against their new terms of service have had their posts erased and in some cases their whole accounts have been deleted.

There is a ton of effort being made to maintain the safety of YouTube, the internet and social media in general so that people can feel safe using these platforms.

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