Reshaping Investment Portfolios With Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management was established in 1993. The firm, under the guidance of James Dondero, has been thriving on its ability to develop unmatched investment portfolios for its clients. Highland Capital Management, known as HCM, is a prominent investment company, which concentrates on offering clients some of the world’s leading investment advice. Often, the focus is capitalized on garnering notably high rate of returns and minimum risk liability. Read more about Highland Capital at

Background data

Highland Capital Management provides various products such as separate accounts, strategic advice, solutions for private and public companies and credit services. The company has stellar reputation for its general expertise in global alternative credit and business management. Being registered with SEC, the company additionally specializes in CLO, defined as collateral loan obligations, credit strategies in addition to alternative situations.

The Company’s Portfolio

Highland Capital understands that a community relies on its economic activities to thrive. That is why since it was established, the firm has capitalized in more than just financial markets. Highland Capital Management prides itself in investing in the communities that the firm’s employees live. The company commits to transforming the community through volunteerism, financial donations and involvement in advisory boards. Visit to know more.

Highland’s contribution to the society

Since 2005, Highland Capital Management has partnered with over $ 10 million partners and organizations across the world. The company is committed to reaching out to its people through community-based charity projects. In addition, the corporation has vastly invested in providing societal transformation through volunteerism and philanthropies. Just recently, Highland Capital Management stepped up its game by involving itself with philanthropy. The firm has been working on giving more donations to the community. In addition, the investment company is working to be a leading contributor to multiple, worthy organization across Dallas.

The conclusion

Conclusively, Highland Capital Management focuses on offering alternative investment strategies. For the past 20 years, the company has refined investment by blending top-risk management framework. Through the time-tested investment strategies, Highland Capital Management has developed processes that enable the company to monitor the trading capabilities of various businesses. Through a team of professionals, Highland Capital Management reviews existing investments by evaluating opportunities across capital structures. The constant flow of information drives the company’s proactive investment strategy.


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