Troy McQuagge: Being Awarded for Good Leadership

Troy McQuagge is the  CEO of USHEALTH Group, one of the leading health coverage providers in Texas. Under Troy, USHEALTH Group has become one of the most reliable companies in the United States which offers comprehensive and affordable health coverage . Their customer base has grown to more than 15 million, largely due to USHEALTH Group’s detailed and fully customizable health coverage based on each customer’s lifestyle or their budget. These plans are complete with hospitalization, accident and life coverage. People are getting a great deal whenever they choose USHEALTH Group as their health coverage provider, effectively eliminating many common worries about their long-term healthcare. Troy McQuagge is dedicated to providing customers with the best plans that they can buy. As such, he spearheaded the creation of a valuable, professional atmosphere at USHEALTH Group that puts customer service as a top priority.


Because of the contributions of Troy McQuagge to the growth of USHEALTH Group, he was bestowed with one of the most prestigious awards that can be given to corporate executives and entrepreneurs alike – being named as the CEO of the Year by the One Planet Awards. Mr. McQuagge never expected to be recognized for such an accomplishment, stating that he is only doing his job in providing excellent customer service while at the same time creating a fun and light workplace. He dedicated the award to his colleagues and other employees at USHEALTH Group, stating that without their help and dedication to the job, the company could not be where it is right now. He added that the passion of each and every employee to meet the needs of their customers has resulted in a stronger company and customer relationship, building trust over time. This sense of trust has spread throughout the company like wildfire, reaching from one end of the country to the other. Because of their good reputation, more and more new customers  are being added to their list each day.


Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010, first setting his sights on fixing the company and bringing them up from the brink of downfall. He used the skills that he learned from his previous companies to resolve internal issues, while at the same time building a better and stress-free workplace for the employees. Troy is making sure that everyone is highly motivated doing their jobs every day, and he openly talks to his employees whenever there are problems rising inside the company. Troy McQuagge truly deserves an award for being both a great listener and performer.


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