Selfie Social Media Campaign Backfires

There are plenty of social media campaigns that work out great. They are ones that capture the public’s imagination and work well for the companies that are behind those campaigns. This is great for marketing because it does not have to be that expensive but can at the same time generate a huge result for the company that pulls this off. That being said, there are some social media campaigns that just do not work out.


One campaign that did not turn out as planned was the Walkers potato chip company campaign according to The whole idea behind the campaign was that people were supposed to send in selfies in order to have a chance to win tickets to a football game. Some of those pictures were even blasted out on big screens on popular streets in the United Kingdom.


This might seem like a good idea that would generate interest as well as reward some lucky individual with the football tickets that they would like to have. However, the public quickly took this over and sent in pictures of well known killers and even child molesters. It doesn’t seem like those who were tasked with screening out some of these types of things understood what was happening perfectly. They allowed those pictures to go up along with the rest.


The pranksters had their fun with this one and were able to get the pictures of criminals up on the big screens. The Walkers company was not so pleased with what happened with this campaign, but it is hard to deny that it did get them some attention. Unfortunately for them, it is not the kind of attention that you want to have shown upon your company.


Considering this, it will probably be some time before another company takes the route of running a campaign whereby they show pictures up on the big screens of then streets of London and elsewhere for a very long time to come.


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