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An Insight Into the Kabbalah Center’s Penetration Into Hollywood

In the recent past, many renowned Hollywood stars and celebrities have shown a keen interest in Jewish mysticism. This has seen a number of them who were not originally Jewish convert to Judaism. Some of the big names that have been associated with Jewish mysticism include Madonna, Paris Hilton, Sammy Davis, Britney Spears among others. Madonna has even gone ahead to invest in opening several Kabbalah Centers of her own. It is in these centers that she took the time to study Jewish mysticism.

So, what attracts these big names to this culture? Sandra Bernhard’s insight can give us a little explanation. She told the LA Times that Kabbalah took away most of her life’s problems. Paris Hilton seconded this by adding that the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles help her cope up with her divorce. Most of the other Kabbalah celebrity students also hold similar sentiments on these centers helping them cope with daily challenges and learn more about Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Center website describes Kabbalah as an ancient wisdom which guides towards living a complete and happy life. It is an impressive system that will change a person’s perspective towards the world. However, not all celebrities look to the Kabbalah simply for solving their problems. Some just want to be part of a centuries old culture. As Sam Davis put it, he wanted something that he could rely on to give him inner strength.

Kabbalah was traditionally meant to be studied when one attained the age of 40. However, Rabbi Berg who brought about the Hollywood Kabbalah revolution had other ideas. He reiterated that simplifying the Kabbalah would make it more relevant and exposed students to the struggles of biblical characters and more information click here.


About the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Center is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that provides Kabbalistic and Zohar teachings. It was founded by Philip Berg and his wife and offers online teachings besides its various study groups and centers worldwide. The center provides diverse teachers and staff to oversee kabbalistic studies by their students around the world.

It was first established in 1922 and has since become the biggest worldwide organization looking to spread the Kabbalah wisdom. The Kabbalah Center is an interactive learning community offering students with great learning facilities. This has made it a great learning environment and source of wisdom and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.

Susan McGalla Makes the Impossible a Possibility for Female Leaders

People must make no mistake about it. Susan McGalla is a leader. She has been an inspiration to women that are trying to branch out into the corporate world and build a better career for themselves. She has become a person that women look up to, and her legendary resume is still growing as she continues to help companies build brands. Susan has worked in the area of branding consultation on her own, but she was able to establish herself as a branding expert long before she went solo. She rose to fame as a CEO for American Eagle, and she became one of the best executives to hold this position for this company. Susan McGalla made many positive changes that totally transformed the foundation of this company. She was able to build a better brand and attract more people to this company. Susan McGalla has done some magnificent things in the branding industry with clothing, and she has continued to lead the way for revamping clothing lines up to her present role. Right now she serves as a strong force for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is where she is using her branding skills to revamp the clothing line that is currently in place for this NFL franchise.

Susan McGalla is changing the way that people look at the business world when it comes to building brands. She is someone that is passionate about what she is doing, and more women are seeing her passing as a springboard to more opportunities for women. This is something that gets women excited about the possibility of working in the corporate industry. They know that there is still a uneven playing field for women in business, but they also realize the acheivements that Susan had. They know that they can work hard and see a change in the corporate industry. It may be difficult for women to rise to positions as CEO for companies, but they realize that this is not impossible because Susan Miguel has done it. It is even more inspiring to know that she has done it more than once.


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The Equities First Holdings, Good For Business.

Since 2002, all of the branches that Equities First Holdings has across the world, and especially in Australia have been growing. The growth, attributed to the company’s track record of helping improve the financial situation of its clientele, caused the need for the relocation of the Melbourne- based to Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. The previous location could no longer contain the growth of the financial service company and had to get a location which could hold the existing company personnel and customer traffic while allowing ample space for expansion.

The Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd’s Managing Director, speaking for the regional office, explained that the move, necessitated by the need for room for expansion, had also solved an operational that the company had been facing. The location that they were moving out of had not been as centrally placed in Melbourne as the one to which they were moving. Mitchell Hopwood, the managing director, said that one of the little-emphasized prospects of the relocation included an increased level of continence for customers as well as the staff in their official operations.

The address of the new location is Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 and is meant to act as the regional address. The move also resulted in the migration of the business telephone line to +61 3 8688 7191.Equities First Holdings, LLC that seeks to provide alternative lending services to its clientele. The lending services are meant to boost a client’s investments if they plan to buy publicly traded stocks and bonds. Equities First Holdings, LLC evaluates the future performance of the stocks, treasuries or bonds that a client wishes to take their loans against in contrast to the risks involved. Already, it has done over 650 transactions that have resulted in happy customers obtaining high-value loans from Equities First Holdings, LLC at fixed low-interest rates.

Roberto Santiago: Advancing the Needs for Shopping Malls

Roberto Santiago is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has invested in retail and shopping mall businesses in several Brazilian states. Santiago became prominent after launching what is today considered as the largest shopping mall in Brazil, the Manaira Shopping Complex. The mall is located in Paraiba State, and it is the largest in the region. It is the dream of many aging people to established success strong and successful businesses that would even benefit their dependants. After many years of hard work, Roberto is now enjoying the benefits of his investments.

Roberto Santiago’s Career as a Writer

Before venturing into the business world, Roberto started his career as a writer. Using his broad knowledge about Brazil, Roberto began a blog website. He used to write interesting and informative articles that gave him a good reputation. Besides writing, Santiago is also a production expert. Being born and brought up in Joao Pessoa, Roberto studied at Marist College and later joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa to pursue Business Administration studies. He is a sports lover and he won different championships in kart and motocross competitions.

About Manaira Shopping Center

Roberto Santiago raised the foundation for one of his most successful businesses in 1987. After two years, the Manaira Shopping Mall was launched in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. The mall is easily accessible to many people because it is located at the center of Joao Pessoa City. It is considered as a one-stop shopping center, which caters for all needs such as food, clothes, entertainment and fun, art, financial services, learning center and general shopping. It is the place where majority of city dwellers in the larger Paraiba state visit for their shopping, entertainment and enjoying the best delicacies. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has facilities like modern cinema halls, food courts, bowling alleys, hotel and restaurants and a concert hall.

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The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has been renovated and redeveloped severally in order to serve the growing demand of customers. The renovation involved addition of Domus Hall in 2009. It is the state-of-the-art concert hall that can hold about 8,000 individuals. This place is used to host live concerts, wedding, art and cultural festivals, exhibitions and other events. For all those who prefer to understand the Brazilian culture, Manaira Shopping is the place to visit.

The entertainment found at this mall is second to none. There are 11 modern movie theaters to provide top level entertainment to movie lovers. All movie theaters have restaurant sections that provide snacks and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to those watching movies. They are also installed with 3D equipment to offer exceptional movie experience. This is a perfect place for everyone, both young and old. Read more on

What to do to Prevent Being Hacked

There are so many ways to get hacked today. Hackers can replicate a site you frequent, asking for your username and password, and they collect this data without you ever knowing! I’ve been hacked and had to learn the hard way that Rubica, a personal cyber security company, has the tools you need to prevent ransomware attacks.

If you experience any of the following:

  • your computer acting suddenly slow or crashing
  • notifications about password changes you didn’t make
  • pop up windows from places you haven’t visited
  • emails being sent to a large number of contacts that you didn’t compose

You may have experienced a ransomware attack like I did.

Rubica is the only personal cyber security software that is strong enough to protect large corporations from ransomware but is simple enough for personal use. Your data is monitored in real time to watch the patterns you are making on the internet and prevent hacks from occurring. Rubica runs behind the scenes. This means all you have to do is download the program and let them do the rest for you. Don’t get hacked like it did, take preventative action now!

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What you need to know about Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a proficient English businessman. He was born in 18 February 1975 in Norfolk England. He pursued his education at the University of Nottingham. Secker has brought a lot of transformation in the field of business. He has earned a lot of media attention out of his expertise in the arena of foreign exchange. He has extended his skills into publishing several books within his area of professional. Moreover, he is the founder of many companies such as Learn To Trade and Capital Index that are under his management stable. The pragmatic skills of Greg have made his companies slide along the line of expectation in achieving their goals.

The move that marked the dedication and commitment of Sucker is the start of the non-profit organisation in the year 2010. Sucker exercised his abilities in the field of business in the mid-1990s. He played a role of trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. As a trading technologist, he came up with foreign exchange system of trading that earned him the British Telecom Award. His potent leadership elevated to a position of Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation. He then retired in the year 2003 and concentrated on the online forex trading.

Suckers philosophical say that he is not a why guy is set straight by his records. He is an optimistic man that acts first then go profound later on the details along the way. He wants to create awareness that everything is possible by making trades while even flying over the Canary Wharf.

He builds a good foundation in finance by selling computers in the university. His closeness to the computer made him acquire skills in coding programmes. His interest in the world of forex was motivated by the Virtual Trading Desk and his expertise skills in coding programmes. Out of knowledge that he had gained, he turned the first £5,000 to £60,000 within. He designed his owned approach of trading and stuck to it. He made quite a decent amount out of trading and retired. He later encourages people to venture into foreign exchange trading through seminars. He believes that by sharing his knowledge internationally, everyone will have access to the life-changing tool. His primary plan is to help the people of Filipino.

As a matter of fact, Greg Secker is an insightful and skillful trader that is ready to take a risk whenever he sees an opportunity. This has led to his success in the world of business

Felipe Montoro Jens Starts Work With Charitable Organizations

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked as a professional financial advisor for many years. He was the CEO of a major company and learned a lot about the company. This gave him the experience that he needed to be able to advise people about the business decisions that they should make. Since he is an expert, he tries to make sure that things are going to work out for businesses that use his advice. It is something that he has always done and something that he is confident in his abilities to do. Even when he is not working as a professional advisor, he still does his best to give great advice.


Now that Felipe Montoro Jens is working as a philanthropist, he does charity work with different companies. One of the charities that he currently works with is Trata Brasil. The organization does the best that they can to sanitize water and make things better for people who are in areas that are less than fortunate. It is also a company that is dedicated to providing clean water and other options for the people who they work with. This is something that has been helpful for the people who are in these areas but also something that has brought together professionals like Felipe Montoro Jens.


Recently, Felipe Montoro Jens was part of an interview that talked about the charity work that he was doing. He talked about the infrastructure of the program and all of the ways that it works. He is able to talk about it in a lot of detail because he is the financial expert who is responsible for keeping track of the experience. Since he does this, he is often selected for interviews about the financial aspects of the organization and the things that they are able to do.

Pinterest Generates $150 Million In New Round of Venture Funding

Pinterest, the online digital catalog of inspiration and ideas, announced it raised $150 million in venture capital to help pay for its visual search campaign. The company released a statement stating it raised the capital based on a $12.3 billion company valuation.


According to reports, the company raised the capital at the same share price as it did back in April of 2015 when the company’s valuation stood at $11 billion. The company reports the higher valuation was due to an increase in the number of shares currently outstanding. Pinterest also stated it started issuing stock to its employees as part of their compensation.


The Hartford Financial Services Group valued Pinterest’s stock price at $32.31 per share. Hartford is a mutual fund company with an investment in Pinterest. As of 2017, Pinterest has raised close to $1.5 billion from venture capitalists and investors, including capital from Bessemer Venture Partners, SV Angel and Rakuten, Andreessen and Horowitz.


According to Forbes, Pinterest has 175 million users who log into the platform monthly. People use the platform to find and save “pins” for such things as recipes, travel, furniture and do-it-yourself guides. The company uses “buyable pins,” which gives users the capability to find and purchase items. Pinterest also generates income from advertising revenues. Pinterest states it hopes to generate $500 million in income in 2017. The company earned $300 million in 2016 and $100 million in 2015.


Statistics show that people who use mobile devices to search for items on Pinterest increased by 40 percent compared to the same time last year. The company reports that revenues have doubled on individual search queries. The company plans to use the new round of funding to enhance its visual search tools.



Dick DeVos proves as talented at philanthropy as he is at business

The 2006 Michigan gubernatorial race made Dick DeVos a household name, throughout the state of Michigan and across the country. As a lifelong supporter of the Michigan Republican party, DeVos has long been associated in most people’s minds with politics. However, his long and successful career has had very little to do with political life. Most of DeVos’ accomplishments have come in the form of business pursuits and philanthropy.


Born into the DeVos family and the son of Rich DeVos, the billionaire cofounder of Amway, Dick DeVos was seemingly destined to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a successful businessman. From the time he was a teenager, DeVos began working in the family business in various capacities. By the time he had graduated, with a business degree from Northwood University, he was ready to take on his first real managerial roles in the company. He worked his way up the ranks throughout the 1980s, proving that he had the leadership skills and talent to manage a large firm.


By the early 1990s, DeVos was vying for the top spot at Amway. In 1992, he was appointed president of the company. At that time, and we would struggling with slumping sales in North America and had not made great head roads into foreign markets. DeVos instantly saw East Asia as a gigantic, untapped market that the company could potentially use to dramatically expand its business. He aggressively went after Northeast Asian and South Asian markets, taking big risks in the hopes of big rewards. This strategy paid off handsomely, as Amway became the single largest global direct marketing company. Because of this move, Dick DeVos is often credited as having saved the company. The decline in sales, prior to his takeover of the firm, would have resulted in the company’s eventual bankruptcy, should they have continued on the same trend line.


But DeVos wasn’t through with making innovative and highly productive changes to the firm that his father had founded. In the mid-90s, he saw the enormous opportunities that were presented by internet marketing. He began moving the family’s firm over to a primarily web-based distribution model, where extensive automation of order fulfillment, logistics and recruitment could result in gigantic efficiencies and huge savings to the company. This was also a tremendous success. By the early 2000s, Amway was running one of the largest internet-based shopping businesses in the world. To this day, the Amway internet interface is one of the highest volume internet shopping sites in the world, competing with the likes of Amazon and eBay and terms of raw traffic.

Papa Johns Shows How To Repair A Social Media Disaster

From time to time companies run into a unique problem in the digital age. That is to say that they have the problem of having a social media disaster of some type or another. These disasters happen because they make some kind of misstep that causes them to have to go out and apologize to the public or their customers. Either that or they simply make an error that makes the brand look bad. In the world of instant reactions and the ability to share the mistake far and wide with just a few clicks, it can quickly spiral into a disaster.


Papa Johns Pizza company may have shown the world how to handle such an accident according to What they did was see the mistake that had been made and took appropriate actions to try to mend the fences and make what could have been a disaster something much less vital.


What happened was a lady received a receipt from the company when she placed her pizza order. When she looked at the receipt under the section titled “name” the employee had typed in a racially offensive term. The customer was Asian and the employee had typed in an offensive slur against that racial group. The customer then tweeted out the receipt to the Papa Johns Twitter account.


The people at Papa Johns acted quickly and extended a big apology. They also said that the employee who had typed in this particular message was being terminated. They were smart to include this last part because most of the people upset by what had happened wanted to see some type of action as a result.


The company was also smart to keep in check with their social media profiles even on the weekends. They needed to keep an eye on things because you never know when something like this might happen. At first the Internet took it and ran with it and called out the company. However, before too long everything was settled down when Papa Johns did the right thing and made sure to put their customers first.


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