Andrew Rolfe: Changing Lives through the Ubuntu Education Fund

The founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief, is an innovation leader in the non-profit sector. He has several years of experience and knows the pitfalls that one can run into while trying to make the world a better place. Jacob often speaks about events that happen worldwide. He came to a realization that the fundraising methods for the Ubuntu Fund were ineffective. In fact, he termed them as nonsense. He said that there was a smooth flow of funds but the organization wasn’t changing the lives of people. So, he decided to make a few changes to how things worked.


Andrew Rolfe, the board chairperson of the Ubuntu Education Fund, is working with Jacob Lief to revolutionize the world of non-profits. The two executives aim at changing the way non-profitable organizations approach donors. Also, they’re working on changing how donors offer their money. The new process developed by Andrew and Jacob is called the Ubuntu Model. Some donors like to monitor their donations. This, however, can be counterproductive. The Ubuntu model searches for wealthy individuals who offer donations with fewer restrictions.


Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe know the importance of their work. That’s why they’re focusing on improving the performance of non-profits worldwide. The Ubuntu Education Fund helps poor kids living in South Africa’s Port Elizabeth. The organization, led by Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief, focuses on spending their money appropriately to help vulnerable children. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Jacob and Andrew want to change the way they spend their funds.


Finding people who are willing to give their money with no strings attached is quite difficult. This may lower the budget of an organization, but the funds are put to good use, as there are no strings attached to them. Jacob and Andrew Rolfe began developing a rapport with communities and families to create plans for every child’s health, education as well as stability.


Even though the Ubuntu model still needs some improvements, it has already yielded results that show its efficiency. The Ubuntu Education Fund has experienced the first-hand benefits of this fundraising model, so we should expect an astronomical progress from the organization.

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