Avaaaz Strives To Bring Sanity In The World

Have you heard of Avaaaz? Well, it is a US-based civic group that has been supporting global activism for more than ten years. At present, Avaaaz has over forty million members around the world, and it is considered the most powerful online activist network. It focuses on issues that political systems and media downplay. For instance, it has embarked on a mission to ensure respect for human rights, end of poverty, and support peace in war-torn countries. The group has also included the topic of climate change and animal rights in its effort to liberate the world.

The group was co-founded by Res Publica, a group of erudite professionals devoted towards good governance and deliberative democracy. The group settled on the name ‘Avaaaz’ because it means ‘voice’, and it highlights what the group stands for. The group strives to get justice for the oppressed in the society, and it is not afraid to confront the evil in our systems. How does it do it? The group conducts online campaigns and urges its members to sign on petitions that they use to bring change.

The group campaigns are popularized through publications, press releases and sending of thousands of email to its members and interested parties. Some of its popular campaigns are on human rights and animal rights. The group also helps in fundraising campaigns for organizations that need funds to do noble acts. For instance, Avaaaz helped raise money for the Ocean Clean-up Team. The team needed some money to fund an idea that could help get rid of almost half the plastics in the great Pacific.

The group also helps the vulnerable in war-torn countries, and it has played a pivotal role in removal and closure of biased systems. Where does the group get funding from? The group get funds from well-wishers and never accept money from corporates. What’s more? Avaaz releases annual financial reports on their campaigns to ensure transparency.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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