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David Giertz, What Advisors Can Tell Clients about Delaying Social Security

Manufacturers and distributors of financial products realized that one of the most appropriate means of winning the minds and hearts of financial advisers is by providing the Social Security support tools that may include educational brochures and sophisticated software among others.

That was the summary of a report scrutinizing the kinds of projects that insurance companies, asset managers and broker-dealers normally offer to financial advisers. Programs at concentrated on Social Security, likewise to adapting portfolios and low-interest rate environment are some of the most utilized amid the previous year, as per the report.

In view of contribution from 600 budgetary guides assembled through an online overview in May, the report examines how the projects impacted consultants’ recognitions and practices on Bloomberg. Those reviewed entail bank representatives, registered investment advisers, financial planners, independent brokers, and full-service brokers.

Meanwhile, Nationwide Financial declared its plans to extending its awareness in the essential Social Security guidance field by offering budgetary counselors free access to a robust planning tool to assist them give advice to customers on the merits and claiming strategies on

America’s specialists need a plain comprehension of their alternatives when recognizing a filing plan for Social Security while linking the filing plan to their general retirement arrangement as said by David Giertz, the President of Distribution & Sale for Nationwide Financial.

Mr. David Giertz acted as the CEO of DGC company until 1999. Besides, he has been the DGC One AB director since 1991. At some time he also served as the David Giertz Holding AB director. David Giertz, who just passed technical school, is the company’s main shareholder with 57.7 percent of the shares – a record worth nearly 300 million. DGC had sales last year of SEK 296 million with a profit before tax of 41 million. Data accounts for two thirds of sales and earnings, while the rest consists of IT operations and telephony.

Why Does Attorney Andrew Rocklage Own a Trampoline Park?

If you are at all familiar with Sky Zone, a popular chain of indoor trampoline parks with locations around the United States, you probably assume that all locations are corporate-owned. However, the company actually operates nothing but franchises, so each location is independently owned and operated. Most people who own Sky Zones have experience with owning businesses already, so they typically have business backgrounds. With that in mind, why would an attorney own a Sky Zone? That is the case with Andrew Rocklage, a former lawyer who is a native of the Greater Boston area. How does a lawyer end up owning a trampoline park? Find out below.


When you consider Rocklage’s educational background, it’s easy to see that the young man has always been a high achiever. He graduated with a BS in sports management and economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management. Around this same time, he completed an internship with Major League Lacrosse, where he focused on public relations. From there, he switched gears and decided to earn his law degree. He attended the highly regarded Suffolk University Law School, where he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 2013.


Initially, Andrew Rocklage planned to focus on a legal career. It seemed like a natural choice for him because he had a knack for the law. After taking entry-level positions as a law clerk and as a legal consultant, he was hired as corporate counsel for a company called EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. This was an excellent job for someone who was as young and inexperienced as Rocklage was at the time, and he thrived in the position. However, deep down he wasn’t getting a lot of satisfaction from the work. As independent and innovative as he was, he dreamed of a day when he could own his own business and be his own boss.


Before very long, Andrew Rocklage decided that a career in law wasn’t for him after all. He sought opportunities to strike out on his own as an entrepreneur, but he knew that he needed to take a careful, methodical approach to the situation. The last thing he needed was to invest his hard-earned money in a losing proposition. His work in the field of law had given him a lot of exposure to local startups, and he gained valuable connections in the Boston business world. Still, he had no desire to start a new company from the ground up.


Instead, Andrew Rocklage wanted to find either an existing business to buy out or a franchise to own and operate. Fast food locations tend to be the most common and popular franchise opportunities, but Rocklage had no desire to work in that particular industry. Given his background in sports and athletics, he wanted to own a business that made people happy and that even improved their lives. He visited a Sky Zone in the Boston area and was impressed. When he learned that franchise opportunities were available, he decided to learn more.


Rocklage hoped against hope that he’d be able to open a Sky Zone franchise somewhere in the Boston area. However, the local market was already saturated, so it would have been risky. The company was looking to expand its presence in Florida, however, so he decided to take a look down there. He learned that conditions in Daytona Beach looked favorable, so he started to consider relocating there. Around the same time, a competing indoor trampoline park announced plans to open a location in Daytona Beach too. Rocklage wasn’t concerned; he knew that his facility would blow the other away, and he knew that there was enough business for both of them.


Andrew Rocklage opened his Daytona Beach Sky Zone in 2016. Right away, he knew that he had made the right choice. He invested upward of $1.8 million in the facility; he wanted it to be the best Sky Zone in the Sunshine State. His Sky Zone sprawls over more than 28,000 square feet, and it is located in an upscale section of the city. It features a freestyle jumping area; Ultimate Dodgeball; an obstacle course with options for many different levels of ability; and Sky Slam, or Sky Hoops, which merges basketball with trampolines.


Word got out about the new, amazing Sky Zone in Daytona Beach quickly. The facility has already become wildly popular not just with kids and families but with busy working professionals too, as it offers fitness options like its popular Skyrobics classes. Andrew Rocklage has already purchased another Sky Zone in Florida–this time in Port St. Lucie–and he plans to buy more locations in the future. For now, the former attorney is finally content with the way that his career is shaping up, and he couldn’t be more thrilled about being his own boss.





Greg Secker is someone who can be described using many terms because of success that he has achieved. He has excelled in entrepreneurship, trading, and international speaking and also he is also active in philanthropic undertakings. Greg has been able to achieve great success while in the city and because of such success, he decided to inspire others to achieve the same success because his desire is to see people excel in what they are doing.


He has decided to dedicated part of his time to travel throughout the world teaching people the best skills so that they can be productive and live healthy lives after making use of their qualifications. He teaches them how to become productive by using Forex Trade skills to make easy and quick money. For over a decade, Greg Secker has helped more than 200, 000 people to acquire income through trade in the market regarding currency.

He can show people the secret of making money.


They are ways that are proven, and they have worked for many people. Those who have followed his teachings and used the strategies have acquired money. He has managed to urge people to take actions immediately and invest so that they can create wealth without taking long.


The world is currently facing tough times regarding finances. However, with skilled people like Greg Secker, things have changed for different individuals who were experiencing hard times trying to earn some income. Many have found their financial freedom by working closely with Greg and following his footsteps. He shows budding entrepreneurs to how they can utilize just thirty minutes in a day and earn money which can sustain their lives.


Apart from teaching people how to earn an income,Greg Secker is also working to ensure that the world becomes a better place.He started an organization which is non-profitable called The Greg Secker Foundation.The foundation works to make sure people around the world can improve their lives in a positive manner. The organization has also established a partnership with youth programs to help in developing various sectors.They are focused in areas such as real leadership, sustainable development and teaching people proper life skills.

Don Ressler’s Successful History With TechStyle

When Don Ressler has first started up his company with Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler has started out selling shoes. The brand that sells many different types of designs in shoes have eventually come to be known as Shoedazzle. Women believe shoes are some of the most important parts of fashion. Often times, they buy a multitude of shoes so that it gives their outfit the extra edge that they want it to have. The shoes that they have are very unique. Don Ressler have a ton of fun designs to them that bring forth that extra personality that makes them stand out.

Eventually, Don Ressler has branched out into JustFab. This is where he has started selling full outfits for women. Among the clothes that he has offered women are shirts, dresses, and other pieces of clothing. One of the advantages to these clothes that are sold is that they are very durable. They are also very unique among other clothes from different companies on This company has also put to use the subscription business model that pays attention to the customers and their wants. This has turned out to bring the company a lot of promise. However, the real star has yet to be born.

Read on: Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics by Kate Hudson- Our Interview

When Fabletics has started, it has taken the world by storm. For one thing, Fabletics has been put together with assistance from Kate Hudson. Kate has proven to be very valuable to the development of the company. Her star power and sense of style has gotten people very interested in what the company can provide for them. This along with special attention being paid to the customers have brought forth a lot of good results for the company on The most recent development is the joining of Demi Lovato with the company in order to present people with her selection.

Rick Smith Taking Securus Technologies into the Future

Securus Technologies is fortunate to have a CEO of the caliber of Rick Smith. When it comes to technology and engineering, rick smith has led the way with unparalleled experience and innovation in the fields of communications technology.

Rick Smith’s experience in the field dates back to his college days when he took on several majors in communications technology that would ultimately lead him to the assembling Securus Technologies, a world leader in prison phone systems.

Rick Smith holds is one of the few people holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Electrical engineers are hard to come by these days and achieving this degree has been one of Rick Smith’s most impressive achievements. Securus technologies has benefited greatly from the skill and expertise of their CEO and leadership as a whole. Rick Smith is the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies and has been since 2008.

Securus Technologies, JPAy Inc. and Improving the Lives of Inmates and their Families

Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc. back in 2005 and this acquisition has allowed Rick Smith to increase the level of services this company is offering. Keeping inmates appeased and serving their sentence in amicable spirits is no joke. Rick Smith decided to address this need by including a wider range of entertainment services with the communications technology he was offering.

Securus Technologies is currently operating in many prisons across the U.S. and looking to increase their service radius in the future. Prisons in the US have a shortage of communications equipment allowing inmates to keep in contact with their families and loved ones.

This increasing need means that, Securus technologies CEO, Rick Smith, is now operating a billion-dollar corporation. At the time of writing, Securus Technologies is providing service to over 1 million of America’s prisoners. It is the increasing prison [population that places high-demand on the technology and services offered by Securus and Rick Smith. Read more articles at

Future Plans for Securus

Improved technology, greater service and precision customer focus are the flavors of the day at Securus Technologies. Since 2015, Rick Smith has invested over $600 Million in research and development for superior communications technology.

Rick Smith is pushing for greater customer focus as the country makes its way into the second half of 2017. In accordance with this new direction, Rick Smith appointed John Bell to oversee greater customer focus on the sales side of the company.

Securus Technologies will continue to make progress in leaps and bounds as the technology that connects prison population matures and comes at higher demand. Since the advent of the internet and wireless communications, the capacity to communicate over great distances has made it easier to reach loved ones, even when separated by prison bars. With the guidance and direction of their qualified leadership, Securus will do more to bring people together. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

We Couldn’t Do Better Without Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos, the wife to Dick DeVos, is not only an entrepreneur but also a reformer as well as a philanthropist. The DeVoses family is a lineage that has for many years had active engagements in philanthropy. The love for people has forced Betsy, with the help of her husband to support courses that advocate for the empowerment of minority groups. Mrs. DeVos involvement in philanthropy has primarily centered on education, leadership, and art. However, education has been the main thing that Betsy has concentrated in over the years, and to this end, President Donald Trump, her longtime friend took notice. In his young cabinet, President Trump appointed Betsy as the eleventh Secretary of Education, a position that she has taken humbly. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

For many years, Betsy has supported schools that offer tertiary education since it is such institutions that equip students with the technical skills they need to help grow the country’s economy. In particular, Betsy DeVos has offered monetary support to bright children from families that cannot afford to send them to school. Besides, Betsy the reformer has labored to see to it that certain aspects of the American education challenge change. For instance, she has advocated for policies that encourage schools to offer students with better learning standards as well as increase the number of programs offered per institution. Over the years, more children have been fortunate enough to get slots in public and private schools, a sign that Betsy DeVos is doing a good job. Moreover, the number of students graduating from college with honorary accolades has relatively increased thanks to Betsy DeVos.

Know more:

  1. DeVos, a faithful Christian has always believed in real leadership. Since she believes that the United States of America needs integral leaders so that it can prosper, she has offered monetary support to some selected Christian institutions so that they can provide their students with the best leadership training possible. One school that has been a primary beneficiary to Betsy’s philanthropy is the Potter’s House Christian School. Because of reforms in the education sector, children in America can now go to schools that are not in their zip codes. Soon, Betsy Devos as the American Secretary of Education might bring technology to schools. She believes that modern innovations have the potential of making learning easier and better. Thus, technology is something that she might consider soon. Mrs. DeVos is also optimistic about charter schools and home schooling, provided that children get access to quality education. At the end of the day, Betsy DeVos wants parents to take their children to schools that have the capacity to nurture their studies so that they can become highly qualified professionals. According to Betsy, education is important, but then it has to be quality education.

Why Every Startup Needs Social Media Campaigning

When you’re busy building a new company, it can sometimes be confusing because of all the marketing and advertising that you’ll need to do. Without the proper marketing techniques, you’re risking your site not being found by clients who will be the ones increasing your revenue to keep the business afloat. One of the most beneficial marketing techniques currently being used by company owners all over the country is known as social media campaigning. Running a successful campaign can bring in thousands of new clients who are all going to be interested in your brand.


Campaigning refers to placing an ad on the front page of clients’ timelines. This can be geared towards a specific demographic so that you can be sure you’re reaching people who will actually be interested in what you’re trying to sell. Once these people see this advertisement, they will click on your page to learn more and possibly buy or make use of your available services. The great thing about campaigning is that you make more money from your endeavors than you’ll ever pay running an ad.


If you do not have the time or means to do your own campaigning, there are tons of marketing agencies and firms that will gladly take on this project for you. Once you begin doing the marketing for your new startup business, you’ll find that it gets the word out that you’re in business and alerts people of the type of products or services you’re offering to them.


The Career Path of Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the Senior Managing Director currently at the Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P. He is looking after investment opportunities in Europe and the United States. He has a focus on acquisitions in varied sectors. These include retail, food service as well as hospitality.


Currently, he is serving as the Chairman of the Board of the Directors at Ubuntu Fund. The Ubuntu Model is recognized internationally. This way it has an approach that is completely redefining the development landscape all across Africa. Even the theory of scaling up is changing accordingly.


The Ubuntu Model focuses on the depth of the impact. It is not looking at the breadth of impact here. This way the Ubuntu Model is operating at the most basic unit of the society, which is the family.


In any family, the children are cared for by providing them with customized plans that are highly flexible in order to address all the challenges that they face in life. The same applies to the Ubuntu Model too. The guiding philosophy is quite simple here. Besides, very few organizations are operating on such a principle. Hence this is a highly innovative approach.


The Ubuntu Model is highly successful. It is linked to the comprehensive stability of the household as well as its health as well as education services.


In order to fundamentally change the life of a child, it is important to address all the obstacles that are being faced by that child. It involves preventing all those obstacles that affect the children and prevent them from moving out of poverty.


The Ubuntu Model is designed to ensure that once children spend a few years with Ubuntu, they can move on and be able to access the world that provides higher education as well as employment. This way they can grow into healthy and responsible adults. They will have their own stable incomes. This way they can contribute to the society and be responsible citizens. They can make a difference to the world by contributing to its social and economic development. Besides, they can have a family of their own too.

How to Market Your Company on Social Media

Social media is used by millions of people every single day. It’s no wonder that a lot of business owners are beginning to utilize these sites to their advantage to bring in a crowd they wouldn’t otherwise be able to attract. The beauty about social media is that there’s more to it than simply creating a business page for yourself and hoping that people visit it. In fact, the majority of these sites now have an option to begin a campaign.


Social media campaigning basically refers to buying space on the front page of members’ timelines and placing an advertisement there for them to see. This will often be geared towards a certain demographic that will be specific to the type of service or item you’re selling. Your new potential clients will see this ad and can immediately click on your business page to visit it and learn more. You could potentially gain thousands of new customers just by running one successful social media campaign.


Campaigning can sometimes be difficult because you’ll need the right ad and time to maintain the new flow of clients. This is why there are lots of marketing firms out there that will take on this project for you and take the guesswork out of advertising. You will have to pay a company like this to do the work, but it is well worth it when you consider how much money you’ll make by attracting brand new clients right from your social media endeavors online.


Did Russia Influence the Presidential Election With the Greatest Social Media Campaign Ever?

New claims emerged in late March that federal investigators are looking into whether Russia used an advanced social media campaign to influence the U.S. presidential election, according to Forbes. According to reports, Russians may have used bots and an army of human internet trolls to post millions of negative posts about Hillary Clinton and millions of favorable posts directed toward Donald Trump. If the allegations are true, it will bring to light the power of social media and its ability to influence just about anything, including a U.S. presidential election. Another intriguing concept is Russia’s ability to skillfully use such platforms as Facebook and Twitter, which were designed and launched in the United States.


Although many of the questions surrounding Russia and the election involve hacking, a far more appealing discussion could be Russia’s ability to manipulate social media to influence a presidential election. If Russia did manipulate the election via social media, what does it say about an entire paradigm shift toward social media and modern life?


The concern is how such a small group of people could turn an entire election to one candidate when campaigns normally have tens of thousands of workers and millions of supporters. Using relatively small numbers of people to take advantage of trending algorithms on social media platforms created in the U.S. has many wondering what may happen if enemies of the U.S. unlock the full capabilities of social media.



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