Parents Are Using Social Media To Fight Against The High Price Of EpiPens

Never question what a parent will do for the health of their child. In fact, parents will do just about anything to help their children in any way they possibly can at all. Given this, those who are selling EpiPens at outrageous prices are on notice. At least that is how you will see it when you hear about the social media campaign waged by parents against the high prices of EpiPens.


The New York Times stated that it all began with one mom chatting with friends on Facebook about the high price of EpiPens. She just had to vent about the fact that she was facing a $600 bill for the EpiPens. The cost of this product has gone up 500 percent recently and many feel that this is just the company trying to take advantage of people who rely on EpiPens for themselves or their loved ones.


A petition was started and quickly signed online by over 800,000 people who were all frustrated with the fact that these EpiPens were so out of control. This did not go without notice. In fact, the issue was picked up by the Presidential campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Both railed against the company that makes EpiPens and insisted that they do something to control the costs.


The company has been increasing the price of the EpiPens over time, but it would appear to the layperson to be something that happened overnight. Regardless, the price has gone up much faster than the wages that people are earning in general. Given this reality, it is hardly surprising that people are upset about it. When you need something for your loved ones you need to be able to afford it now. This episode shows the power of people on social media.


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