Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Fund’s Chairman Believes That The Fund Will Keep Attracting More Donors

Jacob Lief started Ubuntu fund; Lief realized that he was able to raise money through his efforts of public speaking at significant events. He noticed that there was money, but it wasn’t changing people’s live as he’d expect. Money raised through donors comes with a lot of restrictions on how it should be spent.

At Ubuntu Fund there is a shift in the strategy of raising funds for supporting various programs run by the charity.


The Fund managers go for high net-worth individuals or household foundations who know how ineffective restricted funding is. With a lean but less limited budget, the fund has been able to achieve more. The organization through its custom model called the Ubuntu Model establishes a working relationship with donor families so as to create custom plans for each child who’s being supported by the fund. The individual programs are comprehensive and cover the child’s health, education, and other necessary needs.


For a common donor fund, the donors prescribe how the monies should be utilized. More often than not donors are not alive to the real needs of their beneficiaries. Others insist that they have to be involved in decision making within the fund, this increases bureaucracies thereby reducing the time that is spent in actual operations of the fund. A good example is Peter Lewis, who suspended operations of local charities citing mismanagement by the trustees of Case Western Reserve University who according to him were misappropriating resources he had donated for the construction of a Frank Gehry Building.


Ubuntu Fund helps disadvantaged children in Port Elizabeth’s townships of South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. Andrew Rolfe serves as the Chairman of the board of directors of Ubuntu Fund. Andrew Rolfe is part of the management of a fund that presents a new way of handling charities.

Andrew Rolfe has dedicated much of her time and energies to ensuring that the less privileged kids have an equal opportunity to access quality education and better living standards. Under his stewardship, the fund is expected to attract more donors and in return reach more children who are in need of aid.



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