Dr. Edward Honig is undoubtedly one of the Best Cardiologist to have graced the Field of Internal Medicine in New York City


A human body is complex and is faced with many medical conditions from time to time. Some may be minor while others may be critical and life threatening such as heart conditions. Conditions affecting the heart differ in complexity. Some of these conditions include hypertension, coronary heart diseases as well as heart murmurs and heart attacks. When faced with such conditions, one should rush to the hospital to seek the services of a cardiologist. In a layman’s term, a cardiologist is a medical profession who specializes in the cardiovascular system, the heart as well as the blood vessels and handles all the conditions listed above.


Reasons why you should visit a cardiologist

All said and done, there are many reasons why you should visit a cardiologist. You don’t need to be sick to visit a cardiologist, but you may schedule an appointment for one of the following reasons. First, you may visit a cardiologist if a family doctor tells you to do so. Second, you should set an appointment with a cardiologist whenever you experience heart pain. Thirdly, if you have a family history relating heart conditions, you should see one. Other reasons why you should see a cardiologist include; if you are a smoker, if you are experiencing high blood pressure and if you have high cholesterol. Also, see a cardiologist if you are experiencing a difficult pregnancy, if you are diabetic and if you are beginning a new exercise program.


What’s more?

Other than the common symptoms of heart complication, visiting a cardiologist will open you to other symptoms such as unexplained fatigue and weakness, heart palpitations, difficulty swallowing and anxiety. A cardiology will also warn you that various symptoms accompanying chest pains may be a sign of a heart disease. These other symptoms that accompany chest pain include irregular or rapid pulse, shortness of breath as well as vomiting and nausea.


A cardiologist mainly specializes with three areas of medicine. They specialize in diagnostic testing, preventive medicine, and electrophysiology. The fact that many heart conditions are chronic conditions that have been there for a while allows doctors to focus on preventive medicine. Therefore, they can carry out physical examinations on the individual and even prescribe some medications for them. What’s more, they can advise patients on the best dishes to live on and offer them an insight of the lifestyle they should live.


With diagnostic testing, these medical professions use a diagnostic tool called echocardiogram. Other than taking the test, cardiologists also interpret the results of these tests. The last branch of medicine for cardiologists involve dealing with heart rhythm disorders. This is where they implant pacemakers to a patient’s heart.


Edward Honig

Edward Honig was an American native specializing in internal medicine and had a specialty in cardiology. During his time as a cardiologist, Edward Honig hobbies included good food, music, and arts. He also loved politics and was involved in a number of political discussions with his patients and friends. The American Board of Internal Medicine recognized him as one of the most experienced cardiologists in America.


During his years as a cardiologist, Edward Honig served as a director of Electrocardiography at an institution called St. Francis Hospital located in Roslyn. He also served the Glen Cove Hospital in New York as a director of cardiology. He practiced internal medicine for over 50 years. During this time, he recommended that regular visits to the cardiologist were important. He believed that such conditions would lead to death or chronic illnesses if not diagnosed. While it’s difficult to find a cardiologist like Edward Honig, his legacy as one of the best cardiologists in New York will reign forever.


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