The Life of Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco has been a licensed realtor since 1995. She started her career first as being a secretary for The Edwards Realty Company, which is a commercial real estate firm. At the firm, she worked with 9 other commercial agents who were all under the leadership Mike Zelnik. Mike Zelnik is a compelling commercial realtor.

For the next seven years, Tammy was a condo manager at the Scotland Yard condominium. This was around the same time that she had become a real estate agent. Tammy then started working for T&R Properties where she became a property manager. In 1988, she began her career as a licensed personal assistant for a major RE/MAX producer named, Joe Armeni.

However, working with Joe inspired her to become a full time real-estate agent in 1999. She then joined Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, Ohio. Judy became a great friend of Tammy’s by helping and inspiring her.

Her typical day includes meditation and she likes to do some stretching. She says before she starts to open emails and get on the phone, she will get important tasks completed first.

Tammy’s interests include sales, health, and entrepreneurship. She says the habit that makes her more productive when it comes to entrepreneurship is by setting goals and then putting them into action steps. These steps include the tasks that she would like to have done each month, every week, and every day until she reaches her goal.

As an entrepreneur, she treats her clients time and their investment as she would her with her own. Her focus is not on the commission that she would make after everything but what is best for her client at the end of the deal. She was able to stay focused in order to give the best to her client, more details can be found on Idealmensch.

Things have not been perfect with her career as an entrepreneur, she failed at some things when she first became a real estate agent. She made mistakes in talking to people about their income so she had to study scripts that other agents had used and practiced until she became very comfortable.

Over the years, Tammy developed a strategy that helped her to grow her business. She used companies such as Zillow and However, customer service is still a main priority of hers because this is what keeps her business going. She says that about 85% of referrals make up her business.

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