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Amazon Is Getting In On The Influencer Game

There was not a lot of fanfare, but Amazon has stepped into the influencer game. Influencers are people with popular social media accounts on websites such as YouTube or Instagram. They are followed by large numbers of the public and therefore have an influence on those members. They put out content regularly that is highly viewed and commented on.


For quite some time YouTube has had a program that gives payments to those who are considered to be influencers on their site. They keep the program pretty secret and influencers are not even supposed to talk about how much they earn from the program. That being said, it is well known that some of the top channels on YouTube have influencers who are making a full-time living on the site. Some of those people have even made their career on YouTube.


There are several corporate partners for those top influencers. They may be asked to promote a certain product to their fans. It is pretty obvious shilling for one product or another, but viewers are happy to view it because they just love the content that their favorite influencers put out.


With all of this known, reports that Amazon has released their own influencer affiliate program. The program remains in Beta at the moment and has not generated a lot of press.


The program is not currently open to the public, but there are some who are getting to try it out. It is a program which could benefit those influencers to make more money and help Amazon as well to gain revenue from corporate partnerships and referrals to their own site to sell more products.


Amazon is currently only interested in those with large followings who meet several other metrics that they know about internally as well but are not releasing to the public.


Anyone can use the Amazon affiliate program for their websites on the Internet, but only a select number of people can use this new influencer program. It is basically a more exclusive form of the affiliate program. Perhaps some day this will change, but for now that is how it stands.


Knowing The Business Acumen Of Felipe Montoro Jens

It was in 1970 that Felipe Montoro Jens was born in Brazil. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish as well as History. He also holds a degree in management. He has a reputation as an infrastructure specialist in Brazil.


He had clearly expressed his views when the Brazilian government announced getting into a partnership with BNDES. This was for the basic sanitation services in Brazil. It is a new thing for Brazil as it was always the governmental agencies that were doing this work. Now the government is going to partner with a private agency. Felipe Montoro Jens says that it will be a really good thing. The private agencies should take benefit of the vast experience which the governmental agency in this field already has.There will be customized action plans developed by BNDES for the states that it plans to serve. These will be made after doing a survey of these locations.


Edison Carlos, the President of BNDES, has further mentioned that the bank will adapt this project as per the needs of these locations in order to develop a customized plan in accordance. This way the productivity and the efficiency of these plans will get enhanced.


Felipe Montoro Jens also mentioned about the loss of water that leads to financial resources flowing out from the state. He further stated that it is the state water companies that should be held responsible for such type of water waste. This also leads to the impact of sanitation services going away because of this type of waste.


Edison Carlos spoke about private enterprise having more resources. Hence Felipe Montoro Jens maintained that private and public could work as an important ally to prevent water getting wasted. Private enterprises have access to technology which is crucial for any country for doing water management.

Parents Are Using Social Media To Fight Against The High Price Of EpiPens

Never question what a parent will do for the health of their child. In fact, parents will do just about anything to help their children in any way they possibly can at all. Given this, those who are selling EpiPens at outrageous prices are on notice. At least that is how you will see it when you hear about the social media campaign waged by parents against the high prices of EpiPens.


The New York Times stated that it all began with one mom chatting with friends on Facebook about the high price of EpiPens. She just had to vent about the fact that she was facing a $600 bill for the EpiPens. The cost of this product has gone up 500 percent recently and many feel that this is just the company trying to take advantage of people who rely on EpiPens for themselves or their loved ones.


A petition was started and quickly signed online by over 800,000 people who were all frustrated with the fact that these EpiPens were so out of control. This did not go without notice. In fact, the issue was picked up by the Presidential campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Both railed against the company that makes EpiPens and insisted that they do something to control the costs.


The company has been increasing the price of the EpiPens over time, but it would appear to the layperson to be something that happened overnight. Regardless, the price has gone up much faster than the wages that people are earning in general. Given this reality, it is hardly surprising that people are upset about it. When you need something for your loved ones you need to be able to afford it now. This episode shows the power of people on social media.


Why Igor Cornelsen is an Acclaimed Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is one individual with a deep-rooted reputation in Brazil’s investment banking industry. As a successful investment banker, Igor understands the importance of having the support of a professional and experienced investment firm. For this reason, he deals with Bainbridge Group Inc. as his investment firm of choice. Aside from being a reputable investment banker, Igor Cornelsen is among the most prominent bankers in Brazil. He was in charge of overseeing some of the largest banking institutions in the globe.


Astute Investor


Igor also serves as a consultant, who offers advice for making long-term investments in a stock market. Through his well-studied and invaluable tips, he advises his clientele to be ready to adhere to the rules and regulations of the particular country they intend to invest their resources. This important tip allows investors to avoid considerable incidents while undertaking their operations.


Investment Advice


Igor is one of the experienced investors, who has been at the forefront of advising investors on how to take advantage of Brazil’s growing economy. In fact, his advice came in handy in aiding Brazilian banks to reap profit, especially during the financial crisis. For Igor, Brazil is his secret weapon although the country has been a little forgotten internationally. As the fifth economy globally, Brazil boasts of a strong market, which can spell out remarkable results for individuals willing to expand out of the local market.


As an investment expert, Igor is well-versed with lucrative investment options. For this reason, he advises clients on the best areas to put their money. Igor believes that a client is one of the most valuable entities for any business. Additionally, Igor has spent a significant part of his career learning and understanding the stock market in a bid to know what works and what does not.


According to Igor Cornelsen, it is vital to diversify by splitting your investment among different companies in a bid to excel. A diversified investment portfolio helps to minimize risk and increases the investor’s ability to attain more revenue from distinct sources as opposed to one. Furthermore, Igor believes that an investor ought to have both risky and sound investments as part of his or her portfolio.

Lime Crime Shakes Up The Unicorn Hair Colors

Unicorn hair is that wavy or curly long hair that reminds people of a horse’s mane. In particular, it is not an ordinary horse, but a unicorn. Picture in your mind a unicorn running with its long flowing hair. That is the fashion look that unicorn hair seeks to establish. Coloring the hair to a shade that draws attention is one way to make sure everyone notices your hair. Lime Crime has taken note of this fashion statement, and offers 13 shades of a semi-permanent hair dye.


Why would people want to try this new product lime? The reason is simple. It makes a fashion statement, and draws attention to your long flowing locks. If you want unicorn hair, and want people to notice it, then what better way that to select one of the 13 shades that best fits your personality, and the look you are seeking to show to the public. The product line offered by Lime Crime is unique with this variety of colors. It is for the serious person who wants to semi-permanently dye their hair, and live with the look over a period of time.


Read the colors offered and imagine how each one would look: sext, gargoyle, bunny, pony, dirty mermaid, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam, anime, blue smoke, neon peach, leeloo, salad, and jello. Of course, you would have to actually look at the colors before making a choice, but the alternatives are fascinating. Each color will make you look like a unicorn.


The colors are the result of three years work led by Lime Crime’s CEO Doe Deere. She wanted hair dye that she would wear. She also wanted it to last, and as it fades to still be attractive. The goal was to produce a product with many color choices that would meet the needs of the serious person with unicorn hair.


Lime Crime is a fascinating company whose mission is to offer products on the internet tailored to an individual who wants to be different, and be as the website states a “rebellion in color.” This hair dye product accomplishes that goal. follow them on instagram!

New Digital Marketing Products That You Should Know

The global digital advertising investment expected for 2017 is $ 229.2 billion, according to eMarketer estimates.


Digital marketing is comprised of a series of strategies that have adjusted to the market where audiences and consumers form tendencies to respond to needs.


Given the increase in users of these new technologies, the market has been forced to evolve the developments with which it counts, so these are four novelties that illustrate the digital market:



  1. Snapchat and machine learning


Automatic learning is one of the great developments that are gaining strength among professionals who project the changes that will occur in the industry. Business Insider reported that Snapchat is pushing for new developments in machine learning that seek to create a search engine that accommodates stories published by users, based on search topics.



  1. Omnicom’s Artificial Intelligence to Review YouTube


Omnicom will use developments in artificial intelligence to guarantee that the publicity ads of their clients and brands are not placed next to videos that it considers to be inadequate.



  1. Verizon and its commitment to content


The commitment to generate content as a marketing strategy could lead Verizon to announce an online television platform, as the company has begun to buy rights to content produced by TV.



  1. VR and announcements


The latest bet of HTC is to announce that it has a new technology that is capable of discovering if ads are being watched in VR headsets through a service called VR Ad Service. This would allow brands to pay for each view of their ads and ensuring that the consumer is actively engaged. In theory, developers will be able to put ads in a variety of forms, such as banners, videos, and 360° cinema into their virtual products. They can be incorporated as an integral part of the software or during loading screens and other transition scenes.


Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Fund’s Chairman Believes That The Fund Will Keep Attracting More Donors

Jacob Lief started Ubuntu fund; Lief realized that he was able to raise money through his efforts of public speaking at significant events. He noticed that there was money, but it wasn’t changing people’s live as he’d expect. Money raised through donors comes with a lot of restrictions on how it should be spent.

At Ubuntu Fund there is a shift in the strategy of raising funds for supporting various programs run by the charity.


The Fund managers go for high net-worth individuals or household foundations who know how ineffective restricted funding is. With a lean but less limited budget, the fund has been able to achieve more. The organization through its custom model called the Ubuntu Model establishes a working relationship with donor families so as to create custom plans for each child who’s being supported by the fund. The individual programs are comprehensive and cover the child’s health, education, and other necessary needs.


For a common donor fund, the donors prescribe how the monies should be utilized. More often than not donors are not alive to the real needs of their beneficiaries. Others insist that they have to be involved in decision making within the fund, this increases bureaucracies thereby reducing the time that is spent in actual operations of the fund. A good example is Peter Lewis, who suspended operations of local charities citing mismanagement by the trustees of Case Western Reserve University who according to him were misappropriating resources he had donated for the construction of a Frank Gehry Building.


Ubuntu Fund helps disadvantaged children in Port Elizabeth’s townships of South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. Andrew Rolfe serves as the Chairman of the board of directors of Ubuntu Fund. Andrew Rolfe is part of the management of a fund that presents a new way of handling charities.

Andrew Rolfe has dedicated much of her time and energies to ensuring that the less privileged kids have an equal opportunity to access quality education and better living standards. Under his stewardship, the fund is expected to attract more donors and in return reach more children who are in need of aid.



Vlogger Speaks Out About Unfair Beauty Standards

Gina Shkeda is a vlogger who shows followers how to apply makeup and discusses current cosmetic trends. She has nearly half a million followers on YouTube, and nearly a million people follow her on Instagram. It’s clear to see that Shkeda has significant influence in the social media world, and she’s using her platform to inspire women who have skewed ideas about what it means to be beautiful.


The beauty standards that society has placed on women are next to impossible to achieve, and women of all ages often feel overwhelmed and not good enough. It looks like Shkeda is here to change that.


Last week, the popular beauty vlogger posted a photo of her in bed. It looked as though she was waking up, but looked gorgeous, even though the picture showed that she wasn’t wearing any makeup.


One of her social media followers, Paige Matthews, commented that if she were as pretty as Shkeda, she’d have a much better life. Gina quickly responded to Matthew’s “compliment” by letting the social media user known that she had lash extensions, microbladed eyebrows and lip injections. Shkeda jokingly admitted that she didn’t even “look like herself” and encouraged the Paige to embrace her own beauty, telling her that she was “flawless.”


Although cosmetic surgeries are becoming less obvious to the untrained eye these days, Shkeda thinks it’s important to be truthful about the things she’s done to enhance her look. She wants women to have a realistic mindset about beauty, and hopes that society in general will adopt more practical expectations about female beauty. She shares that she feels women compare themselves so much, especially on the internet, and forget about the minor changes they can make to their appearance to increase confidence. Shkeda shared this information in an email to the Huffington Post recently.


According to Shkeda, it’s essential for “the every-day woman” to keep in mind that models, celebrities and beauty bloggers have to keep up their appearance as part of their job. If these professionals don’t look their best and start to lose endorsements or professional opportunities, it can take a toll on their self esteem, she asserts. Women who are not in these industries are now taking on this same pressure, and Shkeda shares that it’s important for young girls to learn not to compare themselves to others early in life, so they can become confident and secure women.


Dalai Lama Parable Defines Corporate Culture at LinkedIn

LinkedIn Senior Vice President of Global Solutions Mike Gamson changed his management style based on advice he received–indirectly–from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet.


A top executive at the social media network, Mike Gamson manages approximately half of LinkedIn’s employees. He’s a close colleague of LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. Global Solutions is responsible for the company’s learning, marketing, sales, and talent acquisition teams.


Gamson said in a Business Insider interview that the Dalai Lama’s parable was relayed to him by Weiner. Weiner’s predecessor as CEO was Dan Nye, who had been a mentor and close friend to Gamson. Gamson found the transition difficult at first.


That’s when Gamson and Weiner had their game-changing conversation. Gamson referred to himself as an empathetic leader, prompting Weiner to ask, “Why empathetic and not compassionate?”


To explain the difference, Weiner offered this parable from the Tibetan Buddhist leader: A man has been crushed underneath a boulder. As he lies by the side of a road suffering, a traveler approaches and feels empathy. So strongly does the traveler feel the man’s pain, the traveler is too overwhelmed to help. A second traveler comes by, feels compassion for the man, and his detached compassion gives him enough distance to be able to formulate a plan to help.


Weiner further instructed Gamson in the ways of compassion as the two discussed the mechanics of their first major deal as a team. Gamson says Weiner taught him to take a long-term view of business relationships, standing in the shoes of the negotiating partner in order to find the most benefit for both sides of the deal. He says the deal went through and the relationship is still going strong.


Gamson goes on to explain that he soon came to see Weiner as a second mentor. Although initially apprehensive about the change in leadership, he’s now grateful to have Weiner as a colleague.


Following Her Heart

Follow your heart and trust your gut. This is exactly how Doe Deere created her own business, Lime Crime, and continues to run it.

This 35 year old “Queen of Unicorns” was born in Russia and lived there until she was 17. Even then she had an entrepreneurial bent selling temporary tattoos at age 13. Deare states the tattoos were a novelty then but because she liked them, and thought they were fun, she wore them. By following her heart she was able to convince others of their coolness and was able to sell the tattoos to her classmates.

She states that she doesn’t think she “dreamed big” as a child yet had always been imaginative and had a sense of entrepreneurship from a young age. Her biggest dream was to become a musician. At 17 she moved to New York City and started her career as a songwriter with a band. She believes that experience assisted her learning about a career, marketing, and the value of appreciating the people who come out to events.

It was during this time that Doe truly began turning her interest more to make-up, stating that she “always gravitated” toward bright and unusual colors. In 2008 the natural look was still front and center and the intense colors that Doe loved were not to be found. She strongly feels that make-up provides women the freedom to be who they are, to express themselves without judgement. Taking her own advice to “go where she loved”, she began making her own make-up, bright, intense, rainbow-hued colors that she found also appealed to many other girls. Thus Lime Crime was born.

As an artist she patiently waits for inspiration for her make-up line to strike. Deare is true to herself in running this cosmetics business stating she must “live it and feel it” prior to any ideas go into production. In this manner she maintains Lime Crime’s authenticity. An added benefit to many is that this line of cosmetics and hair color are not tested on animals and, in fact, are vegan.

Driven by a sense of what was right for her, a passion for color and fashion, treating her employees with love and respect, and relying on her “gut feelings” to guide her, Doe Deere has created a dream.


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