Edward Honig’s Illustrious Achievements In Cardiology


Cardiology is a branch in the vast field of medicine that deals with complications of the heart and circulatory system as a whole. A cardiologist is a specialist who diagnoses these matters. In addition to conventional medicine training, cardiologists receive additional grooming which makes them experts in their field.


On the onset of symptoms such as chest pain (angina), breath shortness and heart tremors, it is often recommended to visit a cardiologist. After consulting the expert, patients can establish the extent of the complication. If it is serious, the cardiologist will give the appropriate diagnosis. On the contrary, if it is mild the professional will be obliged to avail counsel on how to avert the risks of cardiovascular conditions by adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Before diagnosing a patient, most cardiologists carry out a series of tests. These include; an evaluation of the client medical history, ascertaining blood pressure, mass, the state of the blood vessels as well as lungs. If the preliminary assessments do not yield any meaningful results, advanced procedures are undertaken. The techniques employed for a deeper analysis include an echocardiogram (ECG), a sound wave representation of the heart’s structure, and cardiac catheterization, an evaluation of the electrical system of the heart. The physician may also recommend physical exercise, which seeks to establish how a patient’s heart behaves under certain activities.


After diagnosis, the cardiologist may administer treatment. A majority of cardiologists perform the light surgical procedures such catheterizations, fitting of pacemakers and angioplasty. However, not all cardiologists are surgeons. Complicated procedures such as transplants are left to the hands of trained doctors, where cardiologists only act as consultants.


About Edward Honig


Edward Honig is a renowned cardiologist, operating from the Glen Clove Hospital in New York. Over the years, Edward Honig has earned multiple plaudits through his exemplary work in the field of internal medicine. A testament to this is the accreditation bequeathed on him by the American Board of Internal Medicine.


Throughout his practice, Edward Honig has upheld high operational standards. For this reason, a significant percentage of his surgeries have been a great success. The positive feedback from his clients further enhances his soaring reputation.

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