George Soros: Work History and Philanthropy

If one checks Forbes’s list of richest people in the US, the nineteenth spot belongs to George Soros whose net worth is over twenty-five billion dollars. He graduated from London School of Economics. He now lives in New York. Soros wants to invest millions of dollars in companies which would be founded by refugees and immigrants arriving in Europe. A group named Super PAC that is mobilizing Hispanic voters got three million from Soros. The early life of George Soros was full of miseries. His native country Hungary was occupied by a Nazi dictatorship. He managed to flee to the United Kingdom where he got admission in London School of Economics. After that, he immigrated to the United States and started working on Wall Street. George Soros created a hedge fund in 1969 with twelve million dollars. The fund was given the new name of Quantum Fund after some years.

George Soros became a Philanthropist in 1979 when he founded the first Open Society Foundation in 1984 in his native country. He wanted to establish a vibrant and tolerant democracy in Hungary where people could question their government. It was 1987 when Soros opened the Moscow Office of his foundation. Several groups on and causes were donated a huge amount by him. His spending increased up to three-hundred million dollars between 1987 and 1992. It was a time when Soros opened many offices of his foundation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Many politicians were interested to see him due to his wealth. Now Open Society Foundations are working in over seventy countries. In 1993, Soros created the Open Society Institute. The majority of the funds of Open Society Foundations are given to groups and causes in the US although the foundations are operating in many other countries. George Soros explained the meaning of “open society” in his book named Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism. According to him, open society is about freedom, democracy, the rule of law, human rights, social justice, and social responsibility. This was reported on Investopedia.

George Soros has made Aryeh Neier the President of Soros Foundation Network and Open Society Foundations. Neier is given the task to promote the agenda of foundations all over the world. During the 1960s, Neier founded SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) which was the most influential and largest radical group of that time. The aim of SDS was to start a Marxist government in the US after overthrowing the democratic institutions. Human Rights Watch and American Civil Liberties Union are working on Soros’s agenda for a good amount of time. ACLU opposed the US Government’s post 9/11 security measures. The Union on Forbes declared them very harsh and discriminatory against Muslims. George Soros donated nine million dollars to the Union as grants. ACLU sued the US Government for locating, monitoring and apprehending terrorists.

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