Social Media Campaign Used for L.A. Olympic Bid

Getting awarded the Olympic Games is something that is very prestigious. It is an honor that many cities around the world compete for. Los Angeles hosted a very memorable Olympics in the summer of 1984. The city is now in the process of trying to bring the Olympics back to town. However, there are many more ways to go about doing this that were not available 33 years ago. There are a number of things that the group involved in this effort need to do in order to convince the Olympic committee that Los Angeles is the right place to hold the 2024 summer games. One of these things is to show that there is a significant amount of support for the games throughout the entire community. One of the most effective ways to do this nowadays is through the use of social media.


The group that is overseeing the bid for a Los Angeles Olympics is called LA 2024. They have enlisted the expertise of a company called Laundry Service. They specialize in designing a wide variety of social media campaigns. There is a reason why Laundry Service is the company that was chosen by LA 2024 for this particular assignment. The chairman of LA 2024, Cassey Wasserman, is the chief executive officer of the company that controls Laundry Service. The vote that will determine which city gets the 2024 Olympics will not take place for another eight months. The other two cities that have launched campaigns to get the 2024 Olympics are Budapest and Paris.


The goal of the social media campaign designed by Laundry Service for LA 2024 is to raise awareness about their Olympic bid and to generate enthusiasm around the Los Angeles community and the United States as a whole. The company has a great track record of success.


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