The Future of Cancer Research & Clay Siegall’s Important Role

Have you ever noticed that many of the most intelligent people on the planet that does great things for man-kind never seem to get the credit or exposure they deserve? Unfortunately living these modern times the only people that seem to get any appreciation are the professional athletes and television entertainers, whom does actually nothing for society. Cancer Research has been going on for years and years, but as of late, this industry has been making huge waves of success. Antibody Breakthrough Therapies are the name of the game instead of the older methods such as Chemotherapy. These breakthrough therapies are actually Antibody Drug Conjugates and they are far more superior than medications of the past.


Seattle Genetics is playing a huge role in the development of these therapies as it has some of the best in the business. The company’s (ADCETRIS) drug has a much higher success rate than any other cancer medication and ADCETRIS is produced at Seattle Genetics. Leadership is a key component as well and this company is no exception as Dr. Clay Siegall is the head man in charge. Dr. Siegal is actually the Founder, President and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He has the knowledge, expertise, experience, and passion to see this thing through and so far, so good. Dr. Siegall has entered the company’s flagship drug ADCETRIS into multiple strategic licensing deals which gives it the ability to be used worldwide on over 65 countries.


Being so sparsely available, this advanced drug has brought in over $325 Million to date. In Canada and the U.S. this advanced drug has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars as well. With Dr. Clay Siegall steering the ship, the sky is the limit or should I say the limit is the sky.


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