Successful Social Media Campaigns Launched in 2016

Online marketers heavily relied on social media to promote their clients’ brands in 2016, and some of them were able to craft truly meaningful campaigns that resonated among netizens.


With the above in mind, here are some of the most successful social media campaigns of the year:


Jose Cuervo Tequila


Brands that appeal to Mexican-Americans know that the Cinco de Mayo festival is a golden opportunity to promote their products in a festive manner. This year, legendary tequila brand Jose Cuervo chose charismatic actor Luis Guzman to ask fans to send them Cinco de Mayo stories, which he read aloud on Facebook to great comedic effect.


KFC – United Kingdom


The British franchise of KFC came up with a brilliant idea similar to the ice bucket and mannequin challenges that went viral on social media. The friendship bucket test consisted of a clever video quiz that tested the knowledge of two friends about each other; correct answers were rewarded with freshly served fried chicken pieces from the bucket shared by the two friends.


Scoot Airlines


This budget carrier, which is wholly owned by Singapore Airlines, took a simple idea to promote their brand among young Australian travelers: witty videos that showed the reservations process, trip planning and boarding the aircraft. The twist was that each video was produced in correlation with personality types according to data found on Facebook. The resulting videos were not only hilarious but also worth sharing across social circles.


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