Jason Halpern’s Visionary Leadership At JMH Development

Jason Halpern, the founder and the managing director of JMH Development is quite the busy man. He is always on one project juggling it with a several others and still gets the job well done. His Boutique Development Firm is well-known in the United States for their commitment to provision and development of high end residential and commercial properties across the country. In addition, the company has established a strong forte in remodeling historic buildings and adding a spark and an aura of class on them.


Mr Halpern has led his company in various flagship projects that have earned respect and admiration in the city. Together with the Madden Real Estate Ventures, JMH Development developed the Aloft South Beach in Miami, an exquisite beach hotel with two hundred deluxe rooms. The art work and design used in constructing the property has attracted visitors for their aura of class the property strikes. The company has also remodeled various townhouses into apartments in Cobble Hill Project which have also received acclamation.


Another art work completed under the supervision of Mr Halpern was the 184 Kent Apartment reconstruction. The apartment is in the National Historic Register. Mr Halpern was specifically sought after for this project for his ability to develop historic property and make them as beautiful as they once were. This project won the awards for being the best adaptive building by the Building Brooklyn Award.


The company has expanded its services in various states and towns in the country. They have developed houses in Manhattan, Brooklyn Miami and continue to expand. Mr Halpern has pushed the company to taking various projects in the city, so far the company has invested in more than $500 million on real estate projects. JMH Development also works alongside visionary companies such as Plaza Construction Company and ADD Inc. to continue their beautiful work all over.



Mr Halpern started his career in 1985, concentrating on real estate development. He worked at Halpern Enterprises, a real estate company owned by his father. He comes from a third generation family of real estate developers and continues to shine through his leadership at his company. Despite real estate, he is also the director of Parametric Dining LLC.


In addition to his busy schedule, Mr Halpern spends quality time at Level 1 Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center Westchester Medical Center. In the spirit of giving back, he has personally funded the centre so that children and the less privileged with serious orthopedic complications can get surgical care and medications without so much hassle.


Halpern is an outdoor person outside his work. He is a huge football fun and will spend some time watching games live. He also loves scuba diving and racing cars.


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