How Troy McQuagge is Leading USHEALTH to Greater Heights

Troy McQuagge was recognized as the Gold Winner CEO of the Year at the One Planet Awards a few weeks ago. The One Planet Awards is an awards program that was started to recognize professional and business excellence in any industry worldwide. All organizations around the world are eligible for the award including non-profits, startups, and publicly traded companies. Troy’s first task was to rebuild USHEALTH Advisors which is the captive distribution arm of the enterprise when he started working at USHEALTH Group. This initiative was a huge success and led to his appointment as President and CEO of the company in 2014. The company has continued to realize exponential growth and increase in profits under the helm of McQuagge even though the individual health insurance market is deemed as very competitive.

McQuagge said that he was honored to receive the award and to be recognized by his peers. He dedicated the award to the team at USHEALTH and noted that it was evidence of the company’s efforts towards providing affordable healthcare to their customers. He added that they were focused on providing coverage that caters to their clients even when their needs grow. USHEALTH Advisors is an insurance company that provides healthcare coverage to business owners and entrepreneurs. The company is located in Grapevine, Texas. It is committed to providing innovative coverage to their clients. The talented team of employees at the company ensures that they offer profitable products and quality customer service to satisfy the needs of the client.

McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in legal studies. He started his career at HealthMarket. He was appointed the president in 1996 after a few years in the company. He served as president of the company for 12 years until he left in 2008. He joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2010. He built USHEALTH to the largest captive sales organization catering to people with less than sixty-five years. Troy is in charge of making sure that USHEALTH continues to experience growth and profitability. Troy McQuagge has amassed experience in health insurance, term life insurance, and life insurance after many years of working in the industry.

The company has won various awards every year since McQuagge became the CEO of USHEALTH. The awards that they won in 2016 include the Company of the Year at the One Planet Awards, the Insurance Company of the year at the Stevie Awards, and the Insurance Company of the Year at the Golden Bridge Awards. He has been involved in philanthropy and has donated and volunteered at several charities in the past. Organizations that McQuagge has been involved with include Crisis Nursery Phoenix, HopeKids Phoenix, HopeKids Dallas, and the Semper Fi Fund.


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