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Capital Group Experiencing Growth After Implementing Leadership Transition Plan

Timothy Armour, a Los Angeles-based executive, obtained his degree in economics at Middlebury College. He began his career at Capital Group as an associate volunteer. Armour is the CEO and chairman of Capital Group. Armour was appointed Chairman by Capital Group’s board of directors.

This high-status appointment materialized after the death of former Capital Group Chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Following his appointment, Armour vowed to continue working with Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo in managing the company. Armour still heads Capital Research and Management Company, a division of Capital Group. Additionally, he is a seasoned portfolio manager with over three decades of investment experience.

Since his appointment, Timothy Armour has promoted the company’s expansion by facilitating Capital Group’s merger with Samsung Asset Management, a Korean-based company. The purpose of the collaboration is to create unique investment strategies and retirement solutions for Korean nationals. Capital Group has since assisted Seoul Group, a subsidiary of Samsung Asset Management, in the management of hedge funds. According to Armour, this partnership is a win for both companies, as they will all benefit financially and in the expansion of their businesses.

Janet Yang’s Congratulates Tim Armour Impressive Record of Achievement

In a 2015 article, Janet named Armour and his colleagues as key drivers of Capital Group’s success and expansion plan. She also said that Armour has the right qualifications for steering the business in the right direction. Janet termed Capital Group as one of oldest successful companies with trillion worth of assets and over 7000 employees.

According to Janet, Capital Group has managed to withstand challenges and survive tough economic challenges due to its capability to respond to changes promptly. For instance, in 2015, the company made changes to its fund lineup by increasing employee’s retirement fund.

Armour’s Thoughts Concerning Market Selloffs

Following the decline of Chinese stocks, Armour and his colleague Rob Lovelace came out to analyze the inflation status. According to Timothy Armour, market volatility is expected in any growing economy. He said that United States economy was stagnating in the financial year of 2015. In his opinion, Armour stated that banks should try to come up with realistic interest rates to survive inflation.

Additionally, short term and long term interest rates ought to be increased for businesses to thrive. He encourages foreign investors to put their money in nations that have stable economies. He also urges them to conduct intensive research and understand the markets to avoid making blind investments.

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Josh Verne And Traveling One’s Own Path

These days, diversity is becoming the ideal for many people. It is no longer expected that people get a regular job and settle for less. People have come to realize that there are some people that have to take the risk and build something. Among the people that have built something and risked it all is Josh Verne. He is someone who advises people on what they can do if they have a desire to be an entrepreneur. For one thing, there are a lot of advantages that being an entrepreneur could bring people who manage to succeed in what they are doing.


For one thing, Josh Verne understands that the world of the entrepreneur is a lot different. There are a lot of new lessons to be learn. However, these are valuable lessons that could be more than worth it in the mind of someone that is pursuing life as an entrepreneur. For one thing, Josh Verne has learned the value of hard work. He has also seen the advantage of having unlimited earning potential. This is one thing that has inspired him to put in a lot of good work. However, there is another aspect of working for one self that he has realized is important. One has to enjoy what he is doing in order to be successful at it.


one thing that Josh understands is that it is up to each individual to determine his own journey and travel it. For those that manage to successfully travel their own journey, they find that they not only have a lot of success and fulfillment for themselves, but also a lot to share with others. This is one of the reasons that more people are seeking to be entrepreneurs


Josh Verne has written books, and spoken on pod casts on the different lessons that people could learn when they try to work for themselves. Among the lessons that he has for entrepreneurs that are hiring employees is that they should focus on being leaders instead of bosses. This is how they get the respect they need and also how they run a more successful business.


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Get the Best for Your Wedding with George Street Photo and Video in Miami

Everyone wants the best for their wedding day including an awesome photographer to capture those exciting moments. George Street Photo and Video in Miami is definitely one of the best companies that provide photo and video services for weddings. With George Street Photo and Video in Miami, you are able to speak with your photographer before your wedding date. You also have the option to have a personal wedding coordinator to help finalize timelines and suggest the best locations for picture taking. Even if your plans change at the last minute, your photographers and planning team will be with you every step of the way. You will be given a style test upon meeting the George Street for the first time to help them better understand how you envision your photos.

JMH Development Set to Hold a Topping-off Ceremony for the Aloft South Beach Project

On September 15, 2014, Jason Halpern, the principal of JMH Development announced the topping off ceremony of Aloft South Beach. This 235-room hotel was set to open at the center of Miami Beach in early 2015.


Developed by partners, JMH and the Madden Real Estate Ventures, the Aloft South Beach project represents the adaptive reuse of the memorable Motel Ankara. It also features a new eight-story tower. The construction was done by Plaza Construction, with ADD, Inc. being the project architect.


This project marked the first newly built hotel to operate in South Beach area since 2009. Compared to its competitors, the hotel offers significantly larger rooms that average over 360 square feet.


According to the JMH Development Principal, Jason Halpern, the topping off of the building marked a major milestone in its construction process and signaled the start of a new phase towards its completion and opening.


The Aloft South Beach offers a superior, waterfront positioning with easy access to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast, which surround the property. It is located at the center of South Beach just a block away from the shores of the Miami Beach and minutes from Miami Beach Convention Center, the Bass Museum, several art galleries and numerous restaurants, nightclubs, and boutiques.


Guests who come to this hotel enjoy a roof deck lounge, an outdoor pool, two, 349 square feet flexible conference spaces perfect for both professional and social meetings, and a 24-hour fitness center. Also, the hotel offers live, free entry to the upcoming local artists together with other bands.

About Jason Halpern


As a real estate developer, Jason Halpern is the Principal of his family business, JMH Development. The firm currently has $500 million invested in the New York state projects which include turning a warehouse into a 340 luxury apartment building and development on 184 Kent. JMH is also associated with the Cobble Hill project that saw the addition of 9 luxury townhouses to the entire Brooklyn area.

Through JMH Development, Jason Halpern remains committed to developing new and contemporary buildings both for rental purposes, and commercial business space, across New York.

Maggie Gill, CEO, President, and Impressive Leader

In 2011, Margaret (Maggie) Gill, MBA, became Memorial Health’s president and chief executive officer (CEO) after having become vice president of finance/managed care in 2004 and chief operating officer in 2005. Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) is a regional hospital and referral center in Savannah, Georgia, for cancer care, rehabilitation, and trauma.

Gill provides the leadership for senior vice presidents, vice presidents, and physician leaders. In addition, she is responsible for the Memorial Health University Physicians (MHUP), neuroscience and orthopedic programs, the Heart and Vascular Institute, perioperative services, physician and government relations, corporate communications, financial assistance, internal audit, facilities management, trauma services, and more.

Gill’s bachelor’s degree with honors was earned at Florida State University, and her MBA with honors was earned at Florida’s Saint Leo University. She has also completed courses at Wharton School in management and strategic thinking.

In April 2016, Gill, representing the Memorial University Medical Center, joined officials of Mercer University School of Medicine to dedicate the medical school’s $18 million expansion and renovation of the medical education and research facility located next to the Memorial campus. The $18 project had begun in October 2014.

That expansion added 30,000 square feet for research and education and an additional 26,500 square feet for offices, classrooms, library space, and labs were renovated as part of the project. It made possible a 50 percent increase in enrollment at the four-year medical college.

It also expands the capacity of the researchers and cancer scientists. The work conducted there is n partnership with the Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial with the goal to move research findings from the laboratory to a patient’s bedside within a period of five years. Memorial is one of the Southeast’s leading centers for cancer treatment.

In addition, Gill provides many of the medical school students with their first clinical experience and offers six residency programs in its post-graduate medical education program.

Western Australia Election Will Rely on Social Media Campaigns

Donald Trump’s use of Twitter during his presidential campaign helped him to reach an audience that would have been almost impossible to reach otherwise. There is no question that social media now plays a crucial role in the lives of more than 1.5 billion people around the world. It should be no surprise that Australian politicians are now using social media campaigns to get their various messages across. President Obama was the first major politician to show what a powerful tool social media can be in the political world if it is used properly. Now politicians from around the world have jumped on the social media bandwagon.


Western Australia will be having a very important election in March of 2017. If early reports are any indication, social media campaigns are going to play a major role in the election. Politicians in Australia like the fact that they can make their pitch directly to voters. Also, social media is free. This means they do not have to spend their precious campaign money on as much advertising as they normally would. You can send out as many messages on Facebook and Twitter as you want without spending anything.


How seriously are the Australian political parties taking social media? Digital media advisors are now being employed full-time by several of the parties. This indicates that these parties plan on using social media very heavily in their campaign strategy. Many Australian politicians now believe that it is impossible to get elected without an effective social media campaign.


Items to consider when waging on a NBA game

There are many statistics one will want to pay attention to when determining the team to lay a wager on in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Of note, pay extra attention to how the team defends, expected pace of the game, recent trends to follow, and the team’s recent schedule. There are teams that defend a certain position poorly while others teams defend it well. For example, through a month and one half of the 2016-17 season, the Brooklyn Nets do not defend any position on the floor well whether that is at point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward or at center. So if one is placing a wager on the point total to go over in a given night, the chances are good that at any position that the Nets opposition will have a good chance at exceeding the line total set.

Knowing the expected pace of the game is a determining factor when wagering at Some teams use the shot clock more so than teams that attempt to run in transition at every available chance. For example, the Golden State Warriors are known to transition from rebounding the ball to quickly moving to the offensive end for a quick shot. Conversely, the Memphis Grizzlies use a slower pace including using up most of the shot clock prior to putting up a shot. Search for value bets meaning that some NBA odds posted are considered a weaker line, namely when there are 10 plus games in a night. Search to find an opportunity to take advantage. For instance, although Memphis plays at a much slower pace, if they are playing in back to back nights one may find an opportunity to wager over the line since fatigue may be a factor in their attempt to defend. This is especially true when a team has been on the road for a long period of time.

Follow NBA odds trends that makes available to the general public. Yet understand that trends are data from past games and many things change from day to day including injuries to players that contributed to the prior trend. Pay particular attention to lines that suddenly move to one team that had been favorable to the other team. Those that wager for a living are providing one the chance to take advantage of information which may not be available to the public as of yet. In the end, stay disciplined by setting a percentage of your budget to wager on that one has a comfort level with daily.

Investing for Your Future

There are a lot of people who are interested in investing in order to build wealth. However, the traditional ways of investing often leave investors in a bad spot. If the entire market crashes, few investors have a back up plan to hedge against the downfall. It is important for investors to consider alternative investing options in this area. Investing in gold is a great way to protect yourself against the market going down. There are a lot of people who have had their retirement funds wiped out in one or two years by a down market. The Midas Legacy is a company that can help you during this process. They are committed to making a financial plan that fits your goals and dreams.

The Midas Legacy

As a company, The Midas Legacy has done a great job of helping others during the course of them being in business. They have a staff of people that is committed to helping you get to the next level. This is a company that primarily specializes in investing in gold and precious metals. There are a variety of advantages to investing in this asset class. Over the long term, you can start to protect yourself against downside risk by taking on more gold in your portfolio.


Many people in the world of finance refer to inflation as the silent killer. If you want to protect yourself from inflation, there is no better way to do that than through investing in gold. Gold does not get impacted from inflation, and it can protect you during times when the US Dollar is going down. Few people ever think about these scenarios, and that is why they are caught with their pants down when bad economic events happen. The Midas Legacy can help you develop a plan that will meet all of your financial needs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, your finances are one of the most important things in life that you can work on. There are many people who struggle in this area, especially since they are trying to take things to the next level in their life. With all of the changes in the economy in the past couple of years, many people have figured out how to make an investing plan that makes sense with rapid swings in the stock market. The Midas Legacy is a great company to work with during this process.

Goodbye Alt-Right: The Tweet Heard Around the World

Has Twitter gone too far in its attempt to clean up harassment and hate speech from its platform? It depends on which side of the fence you’re on. On Wednesday, BBC News and USA Today were the first media outlets to report that Twitter had suspended the accounts of several alt-right figures. The alt-right, a loose online affiliation of right-wing conservatives, reactionaries, and other anti-establishment types, has come under attack for promoting harassment, hate speech and bullying. The group’s trolling tactics are said to have spread fringe ideas to the mainstream and driven white-male identity politics into the heart of American political discourse. Many democrats believe the alt-right played a role in determining the outcome of the 2016 election.


This is the second time in a week that Twitter has launched a campaign to clean up its social media platform. Twitter hasn’t revealed why it suspended the alt-right accounts, and further information is scarce at this time. USA Today said Twitter suspended the accounts of four high-profile figures, including the leader of a white nationalist think tank. The question needs to be asked: Is this an attempt by Twitter to rid the platform of abusive behavior, or is it the Left’s way of fighting back after President-elect Trump appointed Stephen Bannon, a man associated with the alt-right, as his chief strategist? The alt-right’s most controversial figures are calling Twitter’s action the “Great Purge” and a form of corporate Stalinism. But what does the rest of America think?



How Social Media Helped Donald Trump Win the Election

How much of a role did Facebook and Twitter play in the election of Donald Trump? Since Trump’s spectacular victory, a shock and awe upset unheralded in U.S. politics, much has been made about his hidden Facebook army and the alt-right’s social media campaign against Hilary Clinton. While mainstream pundits and national polls underestimated Trump’s support, social media was the real indicator of the 2016 election. Anti-Clinton hashtags, memes, misinformation, fake news, and extreme clickbait spread so widely during the campaign that many people believe social media played a key role in determining the outcome of the race.


The alt-right, a loose online affiliation of conservatives and reactionaries, spread fringe ideas to the mainstream through social media. Facebook and Twitter were powerful tools in political spin battles, and in the end, as the result of the election became clear on Tuesday night, these new technologies proved more powerful than mainstream media outlets. It could be said that Trump’s supporters used “trolling” tactics to create a brand, a self-replicating political narrative that spoke to the red, rural America that traditional media forgot.


Mark Zuckerberg and other social media founders are now faced with a dilemma. How will Facebook and Twitter crack down on misinformation and fake news stories and at the same time protect freedom of speech? Does social media promote an aggressive and sensational brand of “journalism,” or does it simply provide an alternative narrative to mainstream media? These are difficult questions with no immediate answers.



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