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Social Media Recruiting: What Companies Are Doing To Avoid Legal Pitfalls

There is no doubt that social media is transforming the way people do business—and the trend extends beyond marketing. A number of companies are turning to social media to assist with their hiring processes. In fact, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s survey, 84% of organizations are currently using social media to screen candidates.


However, there are legal risks involved in the process: for instance, a simple Facebook photo can reveal certain protected characteristics such as race, gender, disability, and age that employers are not allowed to consider when recruiting.


Even so, many recruiters have devised a lot of ways to avoid potential legal pitfalls when recruiting via social media, including:


Expanding their applicants pool


Over 80% of companies are using social media to recruit passive job candidates—who aren’t currently looking for jobs—and to screen candidates who are being interviewed for certain positions. They believe that social media provide a good platform to reach highly qualified candidates that can sometimes be daunting to find through conventional recruiting channels.


Treating social media like other recruitment tools


Many recruiters are not turning to social media as the only recruitment tool. They are also integrating traditional channels such as career fairs and job boards so as not to block candidates who don’t use social media or who lack strong social media presence.


On the whole, the message is delivered; while it isn’t fair to use social media to make employment decisions, employers continue to use it as an extension to candidates’ resume and a as conversation starter to give them a deeper understanding of the potential candidates.

This Young Woman’s Branded Stories and Colorful Artwork Are Making Her a Wealthy Individual

Whenever I come across an article about different aspects of the business side of social media, I usually try to read it. Earlier today, I read a fascinating current article that is all about a young woman who is earning large amounts of money by posting content on Snapchat.

The article tells how a young woman named Cyrene Quiamco from Little Rock, Arkansas started experimenting with the Snapchat app a few years ago. Seeing the app as a viable outlet for creating art, she began to take screenshots of memorable Snapchat posts from herself as well as from other users.

When Ms. Quiamco started assembling the posts on her personal blog, her following greatly increased, and she began to attract attention from high profile advertisers. Her content is bright and colorful, featuring lots of simple, fun artwork.

One of her early projects involved posting a “selfie” photo where she was accompanied by a drawing of pop star Kevin Jonas. Her work caught the attention of Mr. Jonas, and a major television network asked her if she could do more of these selfies, with various celebrities.

Ms. Quiamco understands that an important factor in drawing and keeping lots of users interested in the content you produce is realizing that many people today have short attention spans.

This young entrepreneur features three to four branded stories on her channel every month, and she amasses more than 70,000 views on Snapchat every day. Between the branded stories she writes, consulting work, and speaking engagements, Cyrene Quiamco claims to be earning approximately $500,000 per year. Nice work, if you can get it.



Facebook Has Launched Workplace, a Private Social Network for Enterprises

Facebook has recently launched Workplace, a private social network for businesses. Contrary to the conventional reasons for using Facebook at work (distractions), Workplace is different—it aims to provide employees with a platform to professionally chat with their colleagues in a bid to get work done.

Unlike the normal version of Facebook, the platform isn’t connected to users’ existing accounts and is ads-free. Instead, organizations sign up and pay a monthly fee, which is based on the number of its users. It is free for educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

New Corporate Features

Besides the normal features found in the regular version of Facebook such as groups chats, video calls, news feeds, and live video among others, Workplace has a few new corporate extras such as single sign-on, dashboard analytics, better IT integration, and separate Work Chat app for Android and iOS to enable employees keep in touch when they are out of office.

New Offers

Workplace is entering a market where a number of players—Yammer, Slack, Chatter, Jive and Hipchat among others—have picked up remarkable tractions. Nonetheless, the platform is hoping to woo people with a plethora of new twists.

To begin with, Facebook has thrown most of the pricing models used by its competitors out of the window and plans to follow its own book of metrics. For 1-1,000 active users, the platform will charge $3 per user monthly; for 1,001-10,000, the cost declines to $2 per user; and even less for more than 10,000 monthly active users. Additionally, Facebook will be more accountable for its service. It will only charge for active users and how engaging it manages to make the service.

For now Facebook has managed to send a clear message to the market: It is still the leading platform for billions of users to connect to one another in the digital sphere, and is now aggressively entering the corporate world.



Serving Up Investment Advice


Financial planning for retirement can be a real headache. People that are interested in saving for the future should always remember that there are a ton of different ways to maximize your portfolio. There are brokers that can take control of everything, but Igor Cornelsen has recommended that people should be aware of the way that their money is being invested. The ignorant investor will often become the broke investor. That is why he has made recommendations for people to get to familiar with every aspect of the investing process.


Cornelsen has made people see that there is value in building a connection to the culture in which you are placing your investment interests. In Brazil, for example, there has to be some connection with the culture in order for people to get a feel for what the real estate market is like. There should be some desire to know about what countries are getting the exports that Brazil is producing. These are the things that are going to have an effect on the rate of return. The best thing that an investor can do is be knowledgeable about the areas that are going to change the rates of return.


Investing is something that people have started to become more comfortable with because of the Internet. There are assortments of different websites that allow people to sign up for retirement plans. Some people will get involved with stocks. Others will take some interest in what they can do with mutual funds. The spectrum is quite wide when it comes to investment opportunities. This is exactly what Igor Cornelsen wants people to realize. He wants people to know that diversifying your portfolio is one the best things that could be done. Mutual funds have been known to have moderate growth return rates. Stocks, by contrast, bring in better return rates, but the risk is greater.


Igor Cornelsen has made people see that they can minimize the risk by spreading the investments out, something he writes about on WordPress pretty often. Some stock investments can be a good thing, but a portfolio with nothing but stocks can become a nightmare.  Check him out on Tripod, or you can also read about Igor’s vision for how Brazil can strengthen their economy on PRLog.

Twitter To Release Earnings Report at Unfamiliar Time

The earnings release for giant social media platform, Twitter Inc. will be on Thursday, this week. To be precise, the time for the release of the report will be 4.00 a.m. PST. According to the company, the timing for the report has largely been influenced by analysts who said that other tech companies have slated their releases on the same day. They include Google, Amazon and Atlassian.


Break From Tradition


According to, the early morning time has, however, not gone down well with some analysts who accuse the company of breaking from tradition. This is because most tech companies are used to reporting an hour or so after mid-day at the end of day trading. Analysts have been accustomed to that time and Twitter’s time is a little uncomfortable for some of them.


Job Cuts Announcement


There is high anticipation of the company’s earnings reports for several reasons. However, the main one is driven by speculation that the company may announce around 300 job cuts. According to unnamed insiders, the job cut announcement may come even before the release of the earnings report.


Last year, Twitter cut the same number of jobs it’s expected to cut this week. If it happens, the move will be widely considered as an attempt to relieve some of the financial pressures from the company’s recent losses and the fall of its share price for the last one year. There were expectations of the company’s acquisition but the companies that were expected to bid abandoned the process.


Goettl Air Conditioning: In A League Of Their Own

There are certain companies that stick out in a positive way like Goettl Air Conditioning and every single bit of that has been earned. It starts with Ken Goodrich and his commitment to giving back to the community and being involved in it as much as possible. He knows how much it has given him and he is the type of person that does not forget a good deed and does not forget when someone has done something for him. He keeps that in his memory bank and remembers everyone that has helped him along the way.

That is why giving back to the community has been such a big part of how he lives his life. It is not something he is doing to get attention or to get a pat on the back. He has good intentions. Recently, he helped a veteran coming back from the war. As many people know, it is not easy for them to get back to their regular life. They are so accustomed to a certain way of living that it can be very difficult for them to adjust. He knows they are incredibly hard workers and he wants to aid them in their process, as pointed out in this article.

The tools to get started and get on their feet can get very expensive which is why he gave this veteran $1,000 to have all of the tools he needs. There is no denying the work ethic of this veteran and when the tools and the support are added in the mix, anything is possible for them. The same can be said of Goettl Air Conditioning, which is growing by the day with its customers in Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. Ken Goodrich has made it a point to hire employees that are passionate about the job and truly care about it and want to make a difference in people’s lives.

As shown on their website, Goettl has been around since 1939 and they have earned the respect of the communities they serve. Whether it comes to maintenance, repairs, or installation, they do it with great passion and they have fair prices. They like to let the customers know what they are getting into and what they can expect upon their arrival. They know the best way to keep customers is to tell them the truth and provide quality work.

The Newest Trend in Social Media Business

If you own a business or organization and you’re looking to improve revenues and increase your customer and client base, social media is where this is going to happen without a doubt.


Tapping into the genius that is good social media marketing can make your revenues skyrocket. But knowing just how to achieve good social media marketing can and will be more of a challenge. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to shell out to a professional ad staff, don’t worry. You can do all of this yourself by staying on top of the newest trends in social media marketing.


First, start by looking at influencer marketing. Almost all people have been recommended a product or service by a family member, coworker or friend. When a person who is close to you recommends a service or product, you usually listen. It’s easy to hear someone you don’t know say something is good, but if it’s someone who you trust, you’re more likely to go out and buy that service or product.


In this sense, if you would like to get more customers and clients to your business, tell your followers on social media that referrals will get them something. Just having a greta product or service in the first place will hopefully help you to get more clients and customers because more people will be wanting whatever it is that you’re selling. But telling your current customers and clients that they can get bonus cash, discounts or free gifts for referrals to their friends and family will help them to actually take that extra step and recommend you. Try it out for yourself, but just make sure that the incentive to refer is good!


Todd Lubar’s Exceptional Career In Finance

Todd Lubar is the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. He is also TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC’s president. Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A in speech communication. He attended The Peddie School located in New Jersey and Sidwell Friends School based in Washington DC. Todd realized early in life that his passion for business was in the finance and real estate industries. The two industries suited his desire to help others.

After graduation, Todd Lubar started working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He served the company between 1995 and 1999. Subsequently, Lubar joined Legacy Financial Group. He helped the Arlington Texas based company to expand its Maryland office. Through his transformative leadership, Lubar helped the production division to achieve an annual loan volume of $100 million. Todd Lubar served in the firm until 2005 when he opted to take a new challenge by joining Charter Funding as the senior vice president. Charter Funding was a unit of Magnus Financial Corporation. He served the firm until 2007 when he deemed it fit to focus on something else.
Lubar decided to return to purchasing money mortgage following the changes that had taken place in the mortgage industry. He started the service with Priority Financial Services. Throughout his career, Lubar has focused on mortgage banking. He has also controlled and owned multiple firms in different industries. These companies have been rendering services in the demolition industry, recycling industry and real estate industry. Todd has also been running a nightclub. For several years, Lubar has been ranked among the 25 leading mortgage originators in the country.
Todd Lubar experience in different industries has resulted in his impressive career. His vast expertise has enabled him to understand the crucial facilities that a business needs to succeed in any surroundings. Additionally, having initiated and sealed over 7000 transactions, Lubar developed the ability of examining any loan situation and making correct decisions based on the market situation.
As the head of TDL Ventures, Todd Lubar is passionate about helping people. It suits his mission of touching the lives of the people that he meets. Currently, he lives in Bethesda Maryland.

Brad Reifler’s Rundown Of Presidential Candidates Stances On Taxes


Serial entrepreneur Brad Reifler, best known as the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital, has recently linked the presidential race to ways he expects it to impact the economy.

Brad writes that both candidates aim to simplify the tax code, but how they go about it will differ. Clinton will reshape the way those making $1 million or more per year pay, but her changes would still affect the average American. She plans to incorporate more complexity into how capital gains are taxed and calculated which means they will be taxed based on how long they have been held by investors. Trump plans to simplify the existing code by condensing the existing brackets into a few income levels. He will also increase limits for deductions for both single and married people as well as repealing some existing taxes that are aimed at the upper class. Both candidates do agree on child-care tax breaks in hopes to offer more assistance to families through greater subsidies to cover increasing child care costs.

When it comes to taxes for small businesses, neither candidate has spoken at length on the topic, but Trump’s website outlines a plan to get rid of the need for most people to itemize parts of their tax returns.

Estate taxes are an area they disagree on. Clinton seeks to lower the minimum for estate taxes as well as increase the maximum gained from this tax. Trump wants to repeal the estate tax as well as increase the amount from capital gains taxes and then offset this through subsidies for farms and small businesses.

While some people won’t see much of a difference with either candidate, there are some areas that they differ and it will make a difference in the lives of many Americans. Brad Reifler concludes after reading all the information that everyone should be paying lose attention because both candidates do aim to make substantial changes.

Brad Reifler is currently running Forefront Capital, but prior to this position he was a star trader for Refco, a company who also acquired his first company, Reifler Trading Company. Brad Reifler currently is also the former founding partner, chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a global financial firm. He has also worked for Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank, and Foresight Research Solutions. He is the grandson of Ray E. Friedman, the man who founded Refco.

Alphabet Pauses Expansion of High-Speed Internet Option

In one of the first major shifts since a major corporate restructuring, Alphabet – the parent company of Google – is pausing a planned expansion of high-speed internet in cities across the country.


Last year, Google re-branded itself as Alphabet and broke out its “other bets” – initiatives other than the core search engine business – into separate subsidiaries that are responsible for their own results in an attempt to instill additional discipline on ambitious projects.


As part of that shift, a new division – known as Access – was created to house the company’s efforts to compete with cable and telecommunications companies by deploying new high-speed internet options. Commercially known as Google Fiber, the project has rolled out new networks in major cities and was charging $70 for high-speed internet plus $60 for a television option.


However, the company had never revealed details on the number of subscribers. Some analysts have suggested that, given the massive costs of building such a network, the company was hemorrhaging large amounts of money on the fiber project.


In a stunning announcement Tuesday, Craig Barratt, the chief executive of Access, announced that he is leaving the company and that Access is putting a halt on Google Fiber projects across the country. Ongoing projects will be completed, but new work will not start in cities that were awaiting Google Fiber.


Despite the hasty retreat, Alphabet may still have secured a victory from the Google Fiber attempt.According to The New York Times, part of the motivation for Google Fiber was to force internet providers to increase their speeds to benefit Google’s search engines. Some, including AT&T, have now done so.


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